01. Unit 2C - get

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think, have an idea or opinion (odnieść wrażenie)
Lernen beginnen
get the impression
I get the impression you're a bit annoyed me. Have I done sth wrong?
be very surprised, especially by sth unpleasant (doznać szoku))
Lernen beginnen
get a shock
You'll get a shock when you see him. He looks at least ten years older.
have the opportunity (mieć możliwość)
Lernen beginnen
get the chance
Since we stopped working together we hardly ever get the chance to see each other
understand a joke
Lernen beginnen
get the joke
discover what sb or sth is really like (poznawać, poznać)
Lernen beginnen
get to know
I was starting to be friends and get to know their personal stories.
make contact with (skontaktować się)
Lernen beginnen
get hold of
I need to speak to Sarah urgently, but I just can't get hold of her.
throw away, make yourself free of sb / sth (pozbyć się)
Lernen beginnen
get rid of
take revenge on sb (odegrać się na kimś (za swoje krzywdy))
Lernen beginnen
get my own back on
find yourself in a situation in which you can be criticized or punished (wpaść w kłopoty)
Lernen beginnen
get into trouble
move to one side to allow sb or sth to pass (zejść z drogi))
Lernen beginnen
get out of the way
see things as they really are, don't act in a stupid / unreasonable way (nie ma mowy, Zejdź na ziemię! Ogarnij się! Przestań bujać w obłokach!))
Lernen beginnen
get real
used to talk about your own life or to tell sb to do sth more exciting with their life (zrób coś ze sobą)
Lernen beginnen
get a life
So find someone you can love and get a life.
to not make any progress (nie bawię się już w to)
Lernen beginnen
not to get anywhere
to annoy sb
Lernen beginnen
get on sb's nerves
to organize yourself more effectively in order to be able to achieve sth (weź się w garść)
Lernen beginnen
get your act together
But you must get your act together if you're coming with us
to get on very well with sb (dogadywać się)
Lernen beginnen
get on like a house on fire
I think we're getting on like a house on fire
to misunderstand sb when they explain a situation to you or plans / arrangements (źle zrozumieć (np. jakąś sytuację))
Lernen beginnen
get the wrong end of the stick
The poor black always got the wrong end of the stick.
to be getting old (starzeć się, posuwać się w latach)
Lernen beginnen
to be getting on (always in the continuous form)
understand what sb is trying to tell you (zrozumieć, załapać))
Lernen beginnen
get the message
So far, those people seem to be getting the message.
get or do what you want, especially when sb has tried to stop you (robić, co się chce)
Lernen beginnen
get your own way
You're used to getting your own way, and you like to run the show.
recover from (wyzdrowieć, dochodzić do siebie)
Lernen beginnen
get over
I hope my brother gets over his break-up soon. He's verv depressed.
start a career or profession (wejść, wchodzić)
Lernen beginnen
get into
How did you get into journalism?
move from place to place (podróżować w różne miejsca)
Lernen beginnen
get around
The best way to get around the city is by taxi - they’re very cheap here.
make someone understand (przekazać komuś coś, wytłumaczyć komuś coś)
Lernen beginnen
get through to sb
I’ve tried to talk about it, but I just can't get through to him.
manage with what you have (radzić sobie finansowo, dawać sobie radę)
Lernen beginnen
get by
My wife is out of work so we’ll just have to get by on less money.
fail to make enough progress
zostać z tyłu
Lernen beginnen
get a bit behind
I’ve got a bit behind with my work - I may have to do some at the weekend.
zdołować kogoś
Lernen beginnen
get sb down
This terrible weather is really getting me down.
write or speak to sb again later
oddzwonić do kogoś, wrócić, powrócić (do wcześniej wykonywanej czynności), zrobić ponownie
Lernen beginnen
get back to sb
Thanks for your email. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
avoid a responsibility or obligation
uniknąć czegoś, wymigać się od czegoś
Lernen beginnen
get out of
I want to get out of going to Anns party. Can you think of a good excuse?
meet socially
zbierać się, gromadzić się wspólnie
Lernen beginnen
get together
Shall we try to get together for dinner next weekend?
continue doing
kontynuować coś, radzić sobie, robić postępy w czymś
Lernen beginnen
get on with
I can't help you now. I need to get on with the cooking.
do something wrong without getting caught or punished
ujść z czymś na sucho, uniknąć kary za coś
Lernen beginnen
get away with it
She's cheated in exams several times but she always gets away with it.
uciec od czegoś, wyrwać się skądś (to escape from something)
Lernen beginnen
get away from something

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