25, Could the extract from a rare Swiss apple REALLY get rid of your wrinkles? 2

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People have been using the products incognito.
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avoiding being recognized, by changing your name or appearance:
3Lab, from Urban Retreat in Harrods offers its Super Serum, Ł215
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a substance in beauty products that is designed to improve your hair or skin and make it less dry
Emerge Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum allegedly 'promotes the selfrenewal capacity of the skin'
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to encourage people to like, buy, use, do, or support something:
youth-hungry celebs
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short form of celebrity:
Youth-hungry celebs all feted the launch of the serum.
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to honour someone by holding public celebrations for them
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the outside layer of your skin
The anti-ageing benefit for the skin after topical application could not be confirmed in a clinical trial.'
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A ... medical product is used on the outside of the body:
The extract offers a promise of real skin rejuvenation
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the act or process of making someone look or feel young and energetic again:
peel away
A new cream that can peel away the years.
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to remove the outer layer from something
this little apple looks as if it's going to bask in the limelight a little longer yet
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to enjoy the approval or attention that you are getting from other people
in the limelight
it's going to bask in the limelight
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if you receive a lot of attention, esp. from newspapers, television, you are...
The people aware of the qualities of the Swiss apple are quite well-known.
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