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Using VocApp

1. What is VocApp?

VocApp is a platform that aids effective language learning. It is the combination of a passion for foreign languages and the latest technologies that, when working hand in hand, gives great results. The most important thing for us as the VocApp team is that we really like our work and we do everything that we can to make sure that learning with VocApp is firstly effective and secondly enjoyable for our users.


The key principle is that our courses are prepared by true enthusiasts and philologists who do their best to share their knowledge as simply as possible. This is what distinguishes us from the competition - our language courses are not automatically generated. They are created by people who, like you, had to face learning grammar and vocabulary and know how to deal with it.

2. How can I create my own flashcards?

Creating flashcards is very simple and intuitive. 

First, click on the + icon in the Learning tab. You can choose whether you want to create flashcards in a traditional way (Create flashcards) or by using our Smart creator. The second option allows you to take a photo of a text, create a lesson from a photo, import flashcards from a text or from a browser or even to add new flashcards by recording your voice (not all of these functions are available on the iOS app). 

After choosing your favourite mode of flashcard creation, set the languages for both the front and the back side of the new flashcard. It’s a very important step because your choice of language will determine whether the pronunciation of the words is correct or not when the audio recording is generated. Then move on to adding the question and its answer, you can also add example sentences and hints that will help you in your learning. 

Below, you can choose an image from our database or add your own picture to illustrate the flashcard. At the end, choose whether the lesson is to be public or private (only for Premium users). Click “Create” and start learning!

3. What is a Premium Account? What is the difference between the Premium Account, single course and Megapack? Do I have to have a Premium Account to use the course fully?

Premium Account allows you to use all of the functions of VocApp without any limits - you can, for example, create as many flashcards as you want and have unlimited access to the audio recordings.


A course is a complete set of flashcards. Even if you don’t have Premium Account, you are able to access the course without limits (you can for example download the flashcards in mp3 and pdf formats). It’s a good choice if you have a very specific goal, e.g. to learn English for business purposes, French slang or Italian for travelling.

However, by purchasing a single course, you will not be able to create more than 300 flashcards or set a private mode.


Also, there’s a special promotional offer - go Premium for a year and get three courses for free! Or buy one of the Megapacks (all courses available in a given language, e.g. French) and receive Premium Account for free.

For more information about the options regarding Premium Account, Megapacks and single courses, go to the Purchases and refunds section (What to buy: Premium Account, course or Megapack?).

4. Which courses will I get for free? What options do I have access to without the Premium Account?

In the VocApp app, there is a special series of courses designed for beginners. These are language courses "in 1 day" that allow you to learn the basic vocabulary and grammatical rules of the chosen language. These courses are available entirely for free. Even if you have a higher level of a given language, it’s a good idea to check them out in order to understand how VocApp app works. Who knows, maybe you will still learn something new?

Also, there are demo versions of all of VocApp’s courses. You can choose the ones that suit you best and only afterwards decide to buy the full version.

5. Can I use VocApp on several devices within one account?

You can- and even should :) With VocApp, you can learn however you want to, whether on the computer, phone or tablet. Just log in with the same data that you used to sign up and start learning wherever you go- on a walk, while driving to work or at bedtime... VocApp synchronises automatically, so even if you change from one device to another you never lose your results.

6. What are the flashcards created by the community and how do I use them?

These are flashcards created by the VocApp community, which already consists of more than one million users! Unlike our professional courses, they are not prepared by the VocApp team, but by the VocApp users who learn from their personal flashcards. If we don’t have courses in your target language, it’s a good idea to check if the community members have created flashcards for this language themselves.


1. Is the learning really effective?

It depends on your effort, really. If you use VocApp 5 minutes a day (and it is not difficult, because learning is fun!), we can guarantee that you will be really delighted with your results.

2. What is the Spaced Repetition System?

The SRS (Spaced Repetition System) is an algorithm based on the spacing effect: the newer and more difficult flashcards are displayed more often than the older and less difficult ones. The System also predicts the moment when you are most likely to forget a given word and then shows it to you right in time, which increases the efficiency of your learning up to 90%. You don’t have to worry about words slipping from your memory anymore!

3. Which learning modes can I choose from?

The learning mode can be selected in the Learning settings. We offer four modes:


Flashcard mode - you decide yourself if you know a given word and then compare your answer with the one visible on the back side of the flashcard.


Write or say it! - this mode allows you to type in your answer or dictate it using a microphone (only available in the app).


Multiple choice - a quiz in which you can choose from 4 answers (only 1 is correct).


Browsing - this method allows you to browse the flashcards within a given lesson (the quickest way to see what it is that you’re going to learn).

Important! Only the first two modes (Flashcard mode and Write or say it!) have an impact on your learning progress. It means that if you choose one of the other two modes, the system will not consider it as active learning and while clicking “Learn” you will see the same flashcards over and over again. You won’t see any new words in the repetition tab either.

4. Why does VocApp not save my learning progress?

This is either due to the choice of one of the two modes that don’t affect the learning progress (see above question) or because you have activated training mode. Training mode is available on the website and is marked with an asterisk in the Learning view.

5. Is it possible to flip the flashcard side?

Yes. On the website, just enter the lesson and click on the icon . In the application, you can do it by entering the settings of a given flashcard and selecting the option Flip flashcard side. The change will be applied to the entire lesson (but not the entire course).

Purchases and refunds

1. Can I try VocApp before making a purchase?

Of course! We are convinced that VocApp is the best learning tool in the world and we encourage everyone to take advantage of its great potential ;) Each course has its own trial version, which can be tested completely free and without any obligations. We also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee,  no questions asked.

2. What is the 30 day money-back guarantee? How can I use it?

We guarantee a full refund if you inform us of your decision to use the guarantee within 30 days of the purchase. You can do this by contacting vocapp@vocapp.com. We will be very grateful for any suggestions about our product. Your opinion is very important to us :)

3. How can I choose the 3 courses that come with the Premium Account?

The easiest way to do this is in the application: after purchasing Premium Account, all you need to do is to go to the Learning tab and click “Add” next to the course’s title to unlock  access to it.

4. Will I be charged with additional costs after my course / Megapack / Premium Account expires?

No :) If you do not want to extend your Premium Account or access to the course, it will simply expire after the given date. All we will send you is a reminder, along with an attractive offer for our regular customers. We will be pleased if you use it, but it is not obligatory.

5. What happens when my Premium Account / course / Megapack expires? Will I have access to flashcards forever?

After the expiration, the course will return to its demo version. You can still learn from it, but to a limited extent. If you want to have full access to the flashcards, you will need to re-purchase this access. Nevertheless, we won’t charge you for this automatically- it is up to you to decide to which extent you want to re-purchase.