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Read about a hotel. Why is it famous?
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The hotel is famous because many celebrities have lived in it, such as Madonna, Arthur C Clarke and Jack Kerouac.
To say the movie is bad is an understatement.
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a statement that is not strong enough to express how good, bad, impressive, etc. something really is
the hotel lobby
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a large area inside the entrance of a public building
a photo shoot
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an occasion when someone takes photographs or makes a film
prefix: de-, ir-, im-, non-, un-
meaning: negatives/opposites/reverse
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example: degenerate, irreplaceable, immortalised, non-conformity, unfortunately
meaning: negatives/opposites/reverse; We use: de-, ir-, im-, un- with adjectives and adverbs; non-: nouns, adjectives
prefix: under-, over-
meaning: size or degree
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example: understatement, overexposed
meaning: size or degree; We use: under-, over-: nouns, adjectives, verbs
prefix: mal-, mis-
meaning: wrong or bad
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example: maladministration, misbehaviour
meaning: wrong or bad; We use: mal-, mis-: verbs, abstract nouns, adjectives
prefix: pre-, post-
meaning: time (before or after)
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example: pre-dates, post-war
meaning: time (before or after); We use: pre-, post-: adjectives
prefix: pro-, anti-
meaning: attitude or opinion (for or against)
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example: proactive, anti-establishment
meaning: attitude or opinion (for or against); We use: pro-, anti-: nouns and adjectives
When we add a prefix to the root word, the spelling of the root word usually changes.
One statement about prefixes is true. Correct the false statements.
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F When we add a prefix to the root word, the spelling of the root word doesn't usually change.
We cannot add more than one prefix at a time to root words.
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F We can add more than one prefix at a time to root words, e.g. uninhabitable.
Learning to recognise prefixes helps us to build our vocabulary and guess unknown words.
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T Learning to recognise prefixes helps us to build our vocabulary and guess unknown words.
There are rules that tell us which prefixes we can add to each root word.
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F There are no rules that tell us which prefixes we can add to each root word.
a place that is (?)known to most tourists because it's (?)exposed in the media
Complete the words by adding prefixes
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a place that is unknown to most tourists because it's underexposed in the media
a hotel, restaurant, bar or café that looks (?)descript but is (?)rated
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a hotel, restaurant, bar or café that looks non-descript but is underrated
a hotel, restaurant, bar or café that you think is (?)attractive and a bit (?)rated
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a hotel, restaurant, bar or café that you think is unattractive and a bit overrated
a building that is (?)inhabitable because it was (?)managed in the past
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a building that is uninhabitable because it was mismanaged in the past
a threatened habitat that is (?)replaceable, but (?)possible to save
threaten: to be likely to harm or destroy something; Illegal hunting threatens the survival of the white rhino.
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a threatened habitat that is irreplaceable, but impossible to save
She was a supermodel when miniskirts first became fashionable.
Underline two prefixes in each sentence.
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supermodel, miniskirts
Camping in sub-zero temperatures, the team soon learnt to cooperate.
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sub-zero, cooperate
I became bilingual by interacting with French speakers from an early age.
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bilingual, interacting
I'm semi-retired now, but I outlasted many younger men in this business.
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semi-retired, outlasted
prefix: bi-
bimonthly, bicentenary
Lernen beginnen
meaning: two
prefix: co-
co-author, co-pilot
Lernen beginnen
meaning: joint
prefix: inter-
interchangeable, intercontinental
Lernen beginnen
meaning: between/among
prefix: mini-
minicab, minimise
Lernen beginnen
meaning: small
prefix: out
outsell, outplay
Lernen beginnen
meaning: bigger/greater than something else
prefix: semi-
semi-skimmed, semicolon
Lernen beginnen
meaning: half
prefix: sub-
subtitle, subway
Lernen beginnen
meaning: below
prefix: super-
supernatural, superpower
Lernen beginnen
meaning: more/more powerful/larger
twice every month
Lernen beginnen
a hero who has amazing powers
Lernen beginnen
grow too big for some of your clothes
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a secondary plot that isn't the main story
Lernen beginnen
between or among nations
Lernen beginnen
a circle cut in half
Lernen beginnen
two people who founded a business together
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a small bar, or drinks in a small fridge, in your hotel room
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What is prefix?

This lesson will explain to you the prefix meaning. A prefix is a group of letters or a letter that is attached to English root words forming other words. Prefixes usually indicate the meaning of the new word. Many English words contain such prefixes, that's why it is very important to learn the meaning of common prefixes in order to understand these words. It is important to pay attention to the spelling of prefixes, some of them may be similar and cause misunderstandings. Learn prefix flashcards in order to enhance your English vocabulary with many new words! The prefix flashcards will be very easy to learn and very useful!

Prefix list

The list of prefixes of this lesson includes some of the most common and important prefix flashcards, along with English root words, examples of words with prefixes, exercises, sentences and pronunciation. The pictures will help you learn the prefix flashcards easier! Repeat these prefix flashcards until you remember them and learn how to form your own words with prefixes. Here are some examples of prefix flashcards you will learn:
  • 1. prefix: mal-, mis-; example: maladministration, misbehaviour
  • 2. prefix: pro-, anti-; example: proactive, anti-establishment
  • 3. prefix: pre-, post-; example: pre-dates, post-war
  • 4. prefix: bi-; example: bimonthly, bicentenary
  • 5. prefix: co-; example: co-author, co-pilot
These are just some of the prefix examples. Proceed to the prefix flashcards to learn many more things including the meaning of the prefixes! Our Spaced Repetition System will help you repeat the needed prefix flashcards so that you remember them forever!

Want more English lessons?

Learning prefix flashcards is great, but there are many more things to learn in order to build your English vocabulary! Our users prepared many interesting and useful lessons besides this lesson of prefix flashcards. Take a look at the Word-building to learn more about English words and enrich your vocabulary!

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