Business English C1 - set 2

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temporary blib
I thought it was just a temporary blip.
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chwilowa moda
food commodity
The food commodity prices have been increasing for a few years.
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artykuły żywnościowe
On the brink of
A number of companies are on the brink of bankruptcy due to the crisis.
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Na skraju
If CSR is imposed from above, there is the risk of reducing its role merely to a tokenistic PR exercise.
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symboliczne, zdawkowe
CSR initiatives can simply create a smokescreen and give companies the chance to sidestep their responsibilities.
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zasłona dymna
CSR initiatives can simply create a smokescreen and give companies the chance to sidestep their responsibilities.
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pay lip service
Many companies pay lip service to CSR, just to meet legal requirements.
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gołosłowne deklaracje
It is clear that they now need to move to implementing genuine CSR programmes
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prawdziwy, autentyczny
economically sound
Offshoring key business processes to countries with lower labour costs may be economically sound, but is it ethical?
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uzasadniony ekonomicznie
in the vicinity of
Many companies get involved in community projects in the vicinity of their sites.
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w sąsiedztwie
roll out
Today, even the most innovative firms spend too much money maintaining products: fixing bugs and rolling out nearly identical versions.
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wypuścić produkt na rynek
Faced with a bewildering choice of coffee brands, clients should make more informed choices.
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tradable commodity
In many regions, coffee is the only tradable commodity.
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towary zbywalne
environmental welfare
The system must fulfill minimum standards of environmental welfare.
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ochrona środowiska
It is our priority to source the highest quality raw materials.
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Inventory level
We will have defined inventory level by the end of the week.
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Poziomy magazynowe
CPFR stands for collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment.
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uzupełnianie zapasów
The goal of the procurement policy is to ensure that the current requirements of the hotel chain are met.
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sign up to
I would be reluctant to sign up to this immediately.
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Do you think that aggressive or abrasive bosses are aware that they are disliked?
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