Cancel culture

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remain immune
Lernen beginnen
to stay unaffected or protected from something, such as a disease or influence.
express more or less explicitly
Lernen beginnen
to communicate in a manner that is somewhat clear or direct, but not entirely straightforward.
to pace themselves
Lernen beginnen
to regulate or control one's actions or efforts in order to maintain a steady or sustainable rate of progress.
discrimination olympics
Lernen beginnen
a metaphorical term referring to a situation where individuals or groups compete to claim the most severe experiences of discrimination or oppression.
to be under misapprehension
Lernen beginnen
to be mistaken or have a misunderstanding about something.
due process of law
Lernen beginnen
the legal requirement that the state must respect all legal rights owed to a person, ensuring fair treatment through the judicial system.
immediacy of verdict
Lernen beginnen
the promptness or quickness with which a verdict or decision is reached in a legal proceeding.
to double down
Lernen beginnen
to strengthen one's commitment to a particular course of action or opinion, especially in the face of criticism or adversity.
omission in the narrative
Lernen beginnen
something that has been left out or excluded from a story or account.
a proponent of redemption and forgiveness
Lernen beginnen
someone who advocates for the belief in the possibility of rehabilitation and the granting of forgiveness for past wrongdoings.
the freedom of speech and artistic expression
Lernen beginnen
the right to express one's opinions and ideas freely through speech, writing, or artistic creation without censorship or restraint from the government or other authorities.

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