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Respect the elders.
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If you see someone is kissing hand of an elder and touch the hand to his/her forehead, don't be surprised. It is one of the way how Turkish people show the resperct to older relatives or acquaintances.
Bargain during shopping.
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Unless you're one of those chain supermarkets, don't hesitate to bargain. Especially in touristic shops.
Try Turkish style ice-cream.
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Besides it's different density, something special about "Maraş dondurma" is how it's served. Just try to grab your ice-cream.
Remove your shoes when you enter a house or mosque.
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It's not common to enter a house with shoes. Probably slippers will be offered when you're a guest in a Turkish family house. Same rule applies for mosques.
Look out for stray animals.
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Especially in big cities, streets are home of cats and dogs. Don't be afraid to feed or pet since most of them vaccinated by local municipalities.
Take a ferry tour in Boshporus.
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If you want to feel like in a fairy tale, we advise you to make tour with a boat or ferry in Istanbul Bosphorus. Experience the magic.
Don't disrespect to Turkish flag or Ataturk.
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People of Turkey are very sensitive about religion and politics. Avoid having discussions about politics and don't be surprised when you see Ataturk's (founder of the country) statute everywhere.
Visit a hamam (turkish bath)
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If you want to feel refreshed and clean, go to an authentic "Turkish hamam". Advice for the guys; be prepared to a tough massage by "tellak".
Don't argue about politics with strangers.
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As we mentioned before Turkey is a country with a very high political tension. Simply don't get into political conversations with the people you barely know.
Be prepared for the traffic jam in the big cities.
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Traffic is a big problem, especially in Istanbul. Always check the traffic maps before you leave.
Don't drink alcohol in public.
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Turkish people are not known with their alcohol consumption. Besides it is illegal to drink in public places, also it may not well received by some locals. You can enjoy your drink in a bar or in your house.
Do learn some Turkish words.
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English was never strong skill of Turkish people. You may have hard time to find someone knows English out of touristic places. So try to learn some basic Turkish phrases. Plus, it you may have a warmer reaction:)
Don't drink tap water.
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In most of the cities in Turkey tap water is not advised to drink. Don't take a risk with your health and buy a bottle from a market.
Accept the "ikram".
Lernen beginnen
İkram can be translated as "treat". Turkish people especially elders can be very persistent when to feed you. If you refuse their offers they might be offended. So enjoy limitless tea and food:)

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