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What is artistic style?
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What is artistic style? ?
The constant elements, qualities, and expressions in the art of an individual or a group
What do art historians identify style in terms of?
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What do art historians identify style in ?
Period/culture, group of artists, individual artist, or certain characteristics
How are visual qualities most effectively discussed?
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How are visual qualities most effectivel ?
In terms of opposites
What issues we must consider?
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Color ?
Identifying the different hues & determining whether range of colors is emphasized
Mass, Volume, Space
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Mass, Volume, Space ?
Mass & volume indicate whether artworks convey sense of substantial form. Space indicates whether artworks convey sense of 3D.
What are liner works, both in reference to painting and graphic arts & to sculpture and architecture?
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Line ?
For 2D art, linear works emphasize lines, silhouettes, and linear contours; contrasts with art that emphasizes light and shadow & indistinct edges. For 3D art, linear works emphasize exterior contours of the form.
What must we consider when discussing scale?
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Scale, ?
Scale refers to the relative size of the objects within an artwork & of the whole work relative to a viewer. A consistent scale could be used V certain elements could be emphasize by size. Also, the size of the work could overwhelm V invite the viewer.

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