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the earliest translations
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Mesopotamian era, Gilamesh was translated into Asian languages (2nd milenium BC)
Indian documents translated into Chineese, ancient Greek texts translated by Roman poets
Horace insisted on
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flexibility of the translation - sense for sense
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translation must do its job with appropriatness (proper words, ideas etc.) to express the power of the speech
St. Jerome
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targeted at the Bible translation, faithful to the text, stick to the word for word
Problems with the Bible translation
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many sources, many languages, words shouldn't be changes
Martin Luther
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translated the Bible into German, he was going to the target text, looked towards the users of language
Other translations of the Bible
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Jakub Wujek Bible in Polish (1535), The King James Bible in English (1604-11)
Before XX translation had often been relegated to
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an element of language learning (grammar translation method)
the communicative approach
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pivileged spoken over written forms, avoided use of the students mother tongue - this led to the abandoing the translation in language learning
Comparative literature
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studied literature and compared literary text transitionally and transculturally necessitating the reading of some works in translation.
Comparing novels translated into different languages.
Contrastive linguistics
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the study of two languages in contrast in attempt to identify general and specific differences between them.
their introduced key terminology for describing translations
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Jean Paul Viney and Jean Darbelnet
cultural turn
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people started to study translation and its connection, Susan Bassnett and Andre Lefevere's
'Translation, History and Culture' (1990)
Lawrence Venuti
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called for greater visibility and recognition of the translator
new developments
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translation and gender research, the Brazilian cannibalist school, postcolonial translation, theory translation, globalization and resistance, sociology and historiography of translation.

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