Major dates in the history of the US

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Christopher Columbus discovers America
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Jamestown, Virginia, founded by English settlers
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Plymouth Colony founded by the Pilgrim Fathers
1776, 4 July
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Declaration of Independence
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Constitution for the United States of America drawn up by the Founding Fathers
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George Washington elected first president of the USA
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Bill of Rights
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War of 1812 between the US and Britain
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Civil War begins
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Emancipation Proclamation
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Confederates defeated; Slavery abolished under Thirteenth Amendment; Lincoln assassinated
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US intervenes in World War I
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Women given the right to vote
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The Great Depression
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"New Deal" recovery program
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US intervenes in World War II
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US drops two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
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The Korean war
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John F. Kennedy assassinated
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The Vietnam war begins
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Martin Luther King assassinated
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Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon
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Nixon resigns after the Watergate scandal
2001, 11 September
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Attacks on World Trade Center

Main events of American history

Do you think you know United States history? Are you curious to learn more about the history of the United States? You can do it with this lesson! It will present you some of the most important events in US history along with their dates. The brief history of America starts over 500 years ago when the discovery of America happened. You can learn more about the founding of the United States with the flashcards of this lesson. Many people decided to move from England to America. The early American economy was based on slavery. In 1775, Americans declared independence from England and a war started. In 1788, the US Constitution was ratified and George Washington became the president. The US expansion continued to the west, railroads were built and a great country appeared.

American history timeline

The major events in US history are arranged chronologically in the lesson. The next important date in US history was 1849 when the Civil War began. The north of the country had a disagreement with the south due to slavery, economic and governmental differences. The Civil War ended with over 650 000 of dead people but the country united. Out of the major events in US history, an important one is World War I, when America lost over 100 000 soldiers. America intervened in World War II and helped to defeat Japan. In 1960, African-Americans became equal with the other citizens and were allowed to vote. Not many years later, Armstrong becomes the first man who walked on Moon. A major political scandal occurred in 1972 in the United States - the Watergate Scandal. 11 September 2001 was a tragical date in the American history timeline, the World Trade Center attack happened. Learn the entire US history timeline that includes the Korean War, the Vietnam War, New Deal and other important dates in US history. Master this lesson with the use of our flashcards! If you are interested in more lessons, take the Historical events quiz and learn the important events in worldwide history!

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