Greek in 1 day

Greek in 1 day
Learn basic Greek with ease

Learn the basics of the Greek vocabulary
Start the journey of becoming a fluent Greek speaker!
Get to know the language of the country where Aristotle, Socrates and Plato lived
The examples provided will help you master Greek in no time!
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10 words in 60 seconds - 10 λέξεις σε 60 δευτερόλεπτα10 words in 60 seconds - 10 λέξεις σε 60 δευτερόλεπτα  
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You already know that:) - Τα γνωρίζεις ήδη:)You already know that:) - Τα γνωρίζεις ήδη:)  
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Questions - ΕρωτήσειςQuestions - Ερωτήσεις  
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Courtesy Phrases - Φράσεις ευγενείαςCourtesy Phrases - Φράσεις ευγενείας  
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People - ΆνθρωποιPeople - Άνθρωποι  
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Activities - ΔραστηριότητεςActivities - Δραστηριότητες  
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The importance of learning Greek

It is the official language of Greece and Cyprus and also one of the 24 official languages of the European Union. The Greek alphabet is one of the main features of this language. It originated around the IX b.C, and is still used today in both modern Greek and also in mathematics, for example PI ≈ 3.1415, variations that are represented in the physics, or astronomy where the Greek alphabet is used to name constellations and stars, for example Scorpio Alpha is the largest star of that constellation. It is considered the oldest language among European languages, with literary works with more than 2500 years. All the arts and sciences were born and developed in Ancient Greece. There are lots of books with thousands of years old, old literature, tragedies and comedies, New Testament, Homer's epics , the Neo-Hellenic and Byzantine literature. Did you know that the first encyclopedia was written in Greek? The Greeks had great importance in the written expression because they were the first to invent a series of signs and letters, in which each had only one meaning. Thanks to this the first alphabet was created, having decisively influenced the story. All European alphabets are variations of the Greek alphabet. The current Greek preserves the old alphabet and about 75% of your vocabulary and spelling is based on the old language.

How to learn Greek?

With this course, basic greek, you will be able to learn Greek by yourself. You can manage your time and learn at your own pace. With the help of flashcards it will be easier to memorize and learn to speak Greek. This course is a way to learn Greek in a fun way. You will have access to varied greek vocabulary, you will be able to learn the most used Greek words, basic Greek words and Greek phrases. With this learn greek app, you will not lack reasons to learn Greek in a practical and intuitive way. Learn Greek may seem like an impossible task, but thanks to our memorizing system, it is easier to memorize Greek phrases, Greek words, thanks to the selection that the Vocapp team made of the most used Greek words.

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