phrasal verbs

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run over
to move quickly toward someone to attack that person:
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to come at someone
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come into
to happen, or start to happen:
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come about
If a person, especially a child, ___, they behave badly:; "robić scenki"
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act up
When children ___, they behave badly:
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play up
to happen as planned, or to succeed:
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come off
When something that people go to, such as school or a show, ___, it ends and everyone leaves:
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let out
If an engine, machine, or piece of equipment ___, it suddenly stops working:
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cut out
to cause something to happen or be seen or known, create
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bring forth
1. to happen, usually unexpectedly: 2. to be mentioned or talked about in conversation: 3. appear
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come up
to fail to take advantage of an opportunity:
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pass up; I can’t believe she passed up the chance to go to South America.
to refuse to accept or agree to something, or to refuse someone's request: to refuse to accept or agree to something, or to refuse someone's request:
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turn down; The former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman has turned down the job.
If food or drink ____, it is not good to eat or drink any more because it is too old:; 2. to leave a place and go somewhere else: 3. to happen in a particular way:4. If a warning device ___, it starts to ring loudly or make a loud noise:
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go off His gun went off accidentally. This bacon smells a bit funny - do you think it's gone off? Didn't you hear your alarm clock going off this morning?

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