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a small light that is held in the hand and usually gets its power from batteries:
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When we play our flashlight beams up the tree trunks
a line of light that shines from a bright object:
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When we play our flashlight beams up the tree trunks
something that is meant to hide something, or behaviour that is intended to hide the truth:
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we can spot them camouflaged
a grey, green, or yellow plant-like organism that grows on rocks, walls, and trees
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we can spot them camouflaged as lichenous pink star bursts on the mottled bark
covered with areas of different colours that do not form a regular pattern:
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mottled bark
the hard outer covering of a tree
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we can spot them camouflaged on the mottled bark
If an object or a part of your body is ..., it is completely still but ready to move at any moment:
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they are poised for some unsuspecting insect or amphibian to come in range
to put your foot on something or to press something down with your foot:
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we tread softly
the opening of a hole or cave:
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we can find them waiting at the mouth of burrow holes all over the forest floor
to dig a hole in the ground, especially to live in:
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they are at the mouth of burrow holes
having two parts:
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I have a twofold interest in tarantulas.
a bed in a boat, train, etc., or a place for a ship or boat to stay in a port:
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I lie in my berth with the spiders just overhead:
to cause something, especially a problem or difficulty:
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Since tarantulas pose no plausible threat to humans
seeming likely to be true, or able to be believed:
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Since tarantulas pose no plausible threat to humans
to see something or someone for a very short time or only partly:
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why does the merest glimpse of these creatures rile up so many primordial terrors?
existing at or since the beginning of the world or the universe:
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primordial terrors
the fact that something seems real and important, so that you feel involved with it:
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The question has immediacy
a feeling of nervousness and fear, especially caused by something strange or threatening:
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while tarantulas give us nothing worse than the willies
to always give an actor the same type of character to play, usually because he or she is physically suited to that type of part:
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thet yet get typecast as "every unknown terror in the world
extremely ugly or bad:
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they are our hideous night black horror

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