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garaż Englisch:

1. garage garage

Go to the garage.
I couldn't get out of my garage because there was a car in the way.
Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.
It is quite common in North America for homes to have a one or two-car garage.
When he tried to back into the garage, he mistakenly gunned the engine and backed into the wall.
Can you envisage Tom's working in a garage?
Tomorrow, the car needs to go to the garage for a big service. It'll probably set me back a couple of hundred euros.
The fallen tree got in the way, and I could not get my car out of the garage.
Oh yes, there’s a big garage over there.
This weekend I will spend a lot of time in the garage, fixing my bicycle.
The garage where I had my car repaired doesn’t exist anymore.
He opened the garage doors and we saw a new Mercedes
underground garage
Ann leaves her car in front of her house because she hasn’t got a garage.
I was wasting time, wandering around the garage, when an old truck swept into driveway.

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