20. Advertising Vocabulary (Lesson 22)

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Most car advertisements are aimed at men.
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a picture, set of words, or a short film, which is intended to persuade people to buy a product or use a service, or that gives information about a job that is available, an event that is going to happen etc
[billboard American English] In Jerusalem, the advertisement hoardings, the posters on the buses, the names above the shops - all are in Hebrew.
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a large board fixed high on a wall outside on which large advertisements are shown
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an advertisement on television or radio
The room was covered with posters.
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a large printed notice, picture, or photograph, used to advertise something or as a decoration
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a small book or piece of paper advertising something or giving information on a particular subject
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a small sheet of paper advertising something
the blurb
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a piece of writing on the back of a book, which talks about the good things in it
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folded leaflet with advertising message, usually illustrated
junk mail
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unwanted letters in the post, advertising things
the classified ads
small ads
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short advertisements in a newspaper, in which people offer things for sale
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a television or radio advertisement made to look and sound like a real programme, often a financial news report or an advice show
banner ad
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an advertisement that appears at the top of a web page, that you click on to find out more about the company, product, or service
plaster sth with sth
They plastered the election posters over walls.
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plaster sth with sth Englisch
to completely cover a surface with sth, especially large pieces of paper, pictures etc
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suggested or understood without being stated directly [not explicit]
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a ... tune or phrase is easy to remember
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a short song used in advertisements
a consumer watchdog
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a person or group of people whose job is to protect the rights of people who buy things and to make sure companies do not do anything illegal or harmful
Pol. rażący, bezczelny
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sth bad that is ____ is very clear and easy to see, but the person responsible for it does not seem embarrassed or ashamed
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to make someone believe something that is not true, by using force, confusing them, or continuously repeating it over a long period of time
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Pol. wszędzie występujący, wszędobylski
Look for the classified adverts.
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to divide things or people into groups according to their type, or to say which group or type something or someone belongs to:
put up
Volunteers were putting UP posters.
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to raise something, or to fix something in a raised position:

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