Cause and effect 2

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a determined effort
Lernen beginnen
a very serious and thorough effort
Mike has been making a determined effort to save money.
a concerted effort
Lernen beginnen
a determined effort, usually made by several people working together
We made a concerted effort to make all our deadlines this week.
a joint effort
Lernen beginnen
done by two or more people
I couldn't have done it on my own - it was truly a joint effort.
a team effort
Lernen beginnen
done by a group of people
The manager congratulated the sales force on their mignificent team effort.
a valiant effort
Lernen beginnen
a brave effort in the face of great dificulty
Meena has made a valiant effort to keep up with work despite her illness.
strenuous efforts
Lernen beginnen
attempts requiring a lot of effort or energy
Strenuous efforts were made to prevent the story from reaching the papers
give it one's best shot
Lernen beginnen
make an attempt that is worthy of admiration
Although Kerry didn't succeed in breaking the record, he gave it his best shot.
an abortive attempt
Lernen beginnen
(formal) failed attempts
They made several abortive attempts to climb the mountain.
physical exertion
Lernen beginnen
hard physical effort
I'm exhausted - I am not used to so much physical exertion.
a hard slog
Lernen beginnen
(informal) hard work
It was a hard slog making my thesis finished on time but I made it.
an uphill struggle
Lernen beginnen
(informal) a lot of effort with no certainty of success
It’ll be un uphill struggle persuading the boss to make the changes you want.
___ sb's warnings
Lernen beginnen
listen to
If you follow our advice and heed our warnings
____ the rewards
Lernen beginnen
be rewarded
we guarantee you will reap the rewards of your efforts
____to failure
Lernen beginnen
sure to fail
Those who ignore our advice tend to find their career is doomed to failure
____your hopes on
Lernen beginnen
rely on
don't pin your hopes on good luck
___ the test of time
Lernen beginnen
been proved successfull over a long period of time
Our methods have stood the test of time
Lernen beginnen
Mass unemployment is believed to be the root cause of the riots.
main cause
Lernen beginnen
primary cause
Virus is a primary cause of this type of cancer.
Lernen beginnen
It would take time for the reforms to produce the desired effect.
to have a ____ effect
indirect result
Lernen beginnen
Delays to flights have had a knock-on effect on departures.
___ effects
negative results
Lernen beginnen
Children are not expected to suffer any long term ill effects.
Lernen beginnen
Makes others feel angry and unhappy.
If teachers show favouritism, it breeds resentment.
Lernen beginnen
caused people to suspect
The photo prompted speculation that she may be pregnant.
______sth obsolete
Lernen beginnen
caused to be no longer used
Email has rendered the fax machine obsolete.
___the wheels___
Lernen beginnen
set the wheels in motion
make sth start to happen
You can set the wheels in motion by filling in this form.
Lernen beginnen
cause a lot of damage to
This wind will wreak havoc with my flowers.
Lernen beginnen
informal, make angry or upset
It is enough to drive anyone crazy.
Lernen beginnen
cause serious problems
The strike could spell disaster for the country.
very powerful reason
Lernen beginnen
compelling reason
There must have been some compelling reason surely
very serious consequences
Lernen beginnen
He must have known there'd be dire consequences.
Lernen beginnen
___ an explanation
Lernen beginnen
____ the consequences
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