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To entertain someone with lavish meals, typically in order to gain their favor in some way, either personally or professionally.
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wining and dining
This guy is our ideal candidate for the job, so be sure to wine and dine him tonight. Your father likes to say he won me over by wining and dining me—but really he just took me out for cheeseburgers.
To look at or review something
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take a gander at
Here, take a gander at this report and tell me what you think. Hey, Wow, take a gander at that gorgeous guy at the bar!
To start eating, often eagerly or excitedly.
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Dig in!
Well, dig in before your dinner gets cold. Mom's lasagna is always so good—I can't wait to dig into it!
To outperform or outclass one's previous actions or efforts.
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outdo (oneself)
Wow, Mom, this chili is delicious—you really outdid yourself! The legal team have outdone themselves with this contract.
A small amount, portion, or degree; a bit.
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a tad
Can you turn the heat down a tad? It's getting pretty warm in here. I'm feeling a tad sick, so I think I'll stay home from work today.
Nie mogę się doczekać, by tego spróbować.
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I can't wait to dig in.
I'm starving.
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I'm famished.
informal (of food) causing a desire for more
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These cakes are very moreish.
Greatly pleasing to the taste; delectable
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An excursion, typically a pleasure trip. A walk outdoors.
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a family outing. an outing to the beach
cooked for exactly the right amount of time:
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to cooked/be done to a turn
The beef was done to a turn
slightly hungry:
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be peckish
By ten o'clock I was feeling peckish, even though I'd had a large breakfast.
it is not yet certain:
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it remains to be seen...
It remains to be seen who will win.
to experience an unexpected difficulty, or to meet someone who is difficult to deal with
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run up against
The museum has run up against opposition to its proposals. I never run up against anything like this
to have enough money to buy the things you need, but no more
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get by
I don’t earn a huge salary, but we get by. on Sometimes they had to get by on very little.
to save money regularly in order to use it later
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put by
We’re trying to put a little by each month for a new car.
come to nothing; fail.
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fall through
The studio planned to make a movie of the book but the deal fell through.
end sb's relationship or marriage:
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split up
She split up with her boyfriend last week.
to tell a secret or show your feelings unintentionally
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give away
to tell a secret or show your feelings unintentionally:
to be similar to an older member of your family in appearance or character:
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take after sb
He takes after his mother/his mother's side of the family.
to move your face so you are not looking at something:
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turn away
When they show an operation on TV, I have to turn away.

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