kgiua 15장 수업4 (ㅇ)ㄹ 게 뻔하다

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1. hand over, turn over; (포기하다) surrender, give up
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요새를 적에게 넘겨주다 surrender[give up] a fortress to the enemy 내 일을 그에게 넘겨주었다 I handed my work over to him. 그는 아들에게 가게를 넘겨주었다 He turned the shop over to his son.
1. policy
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Noun 1. approval rating
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1. be carried out2. be executed
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1. (tourist) attraction
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1. be out of order, break down, go wrong, be destroyed, be totaled, be wrecked2. be ruined
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1. outside 2. external 3. outer 4. exterior
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koreańskie powiedzenie, które dosłownie oznacza "zamiar na trzy dni".
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Verb 1. go bankrupt; go broke
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Verb 1. drop; fall; decrease
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하락한 가격. 하락한 금리. 물가가 하락하다.
Verb 1. do business; sell
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이익을 얻으려고 물건을 사서 팔다. To buy products to resell for profit.
1. suit, full dress, formal dress
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1. agricultural[farm] products, farm produce
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친환경 농산물 environment-friendly agricultural products 우리 농산물을 애용합시다 Let's use domestic farm products. 농산물 가격이 많이 떨어졌다 The prices of farm produce have gone down a lot
Verb 1. import
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1. be careless, be clumsy
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1. sales
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매출이 늘었다[줄었다] Sales have been up[down]. 매출이 급감했다 Sales have plunged[plummeted; dropped sharply]. 매출이 지난 10년 사이에 두 배로 늘었다 Sales have doubled for the last decade.
1. secretly, in secret, surreptitiously, (informal) on the quiet
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방에서 몰래 나오다 slip out of the room 몰래 카메라를 찍다 film sth with a hidden camera 그들은 몰래 결혼했다 They got married secretly[in secret]
1. foundation, establishment, founding, (formal) inception, found, establish, start, set up
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1. blindly, thoughtlessly
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무작정 남을 따라하다 blindly imitate[copy] sb 그는 무작정 상경했다 He went to Seoul without any (definite) plan
1. (방문하다) go, visit, call (in/on) 그를 ...을 때 그는 외출 중이었다 He was out when I went to see him. 2. (맡기거나 잃어버린 것을) pick up 다음 주 수요일에 비자를 ...세요 Please pick up your visa next Wednesday
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1. secret, secret method
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비법을 전수하다 hand down a secret method
1. thoroughly
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집 안을 샅샅이 뒤지다 ransack[comb (through)] the house 집 안을 샅샅이 뒤지다 look all over the house 집 안을 샅샅이 뒤지다 search the whole house thoroughly
1. (상업지역) business district[area, zone]
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"za ramieniem" "po cichu" lub "w tajemnicy".
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어깨 너머로
1. in a calm and orderly way
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그녀는 문제를 차근차근 풀어 나갔다 She solved the questions in a calm and orderly fashion. 그녀는 면접관의 질문에 차근차근 대답했다 She answered the interviewer's questions in a calm and orderly way. 진정하고 무슨 일인지 차근차근 이야기해 봐라 Calm down and tell me exactly what happened
1. thoroughgoing thorough, exhaustive,
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그는 매사에 철저하다 He is always thorough about everything. 이번 사건은 철저한 조사가 필요하다 This case requires thorough investigation. 그녀는 맡은 일에 아주 철저하다 She's very thorough about her responsibilities

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