kgiua 15장 수업6 (으)ㄹ리가 없다

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dotyczy dotyczacy Verb 1. concern
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1. be restricted; be restrained 2. be imprisoned; be jailed
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Noun 1. member of an assembly; assemblyman
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1. (아무개) Mr.[Ms., Miss, Mrs.] X, Mr.[Ms., Miss, Mrs.] so-and-so 2. (certain)
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작년 모월 모일에 on a certain date last year 김 모씨 a (certain) (Mr.) Kim
1. fortune, large sum[amount] of money, a lot[great deal] of money, (informal) mint, (informal) big money, (Am, inf) big bucks mint 거액을 벌다 make big bucks
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거액을 벌다 make a fortune 거액을 벌다 make a mint 거액을 벌다 make big bucks
1. bribe, (informal) kickback, (Brit, inf) backhander
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그는 뇌물 수수 혐의로 기소되었다 He was charged with[indicted for] bribery. 공무원들이 뇌물을 받은 것으로 드러났다 It turned out that officials had taken[accepted] bribes.
1. business, enterprise, company; (법인) corporation
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우리 회사는 한국의 일류 기업 중 하나다 We are one of the leading companies in Korea. 폭력 조직들이 점점 기업화되고 있다 Mobs are becoming progressively commercialized.
twierdzic 1. (의견) opinion; (고집) insistence, assertion, (formal) contention; (논점) argument; (근거가 없는) claim, insist, assert (that), argue, (formal) contend (that); (근거 없이) claim
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타당한 주장 a rational argument 무죄를 주장하다 insist on[maintain; claim] one's innocence 무죄를 주장하다 plead not guilty
1. with one´s utmost sincerity2. with one´s whole heart
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1. clear, obvious, evident; (거짓말·변명 등이) transparent
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1. (Am) drunk driving, (Am) DUI (Driving Under the Influence), (Am) DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), (Brit) drink-driving
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음주 운전
Noun 1. baking
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. barely, narrowly2. only, just, barely, no more than, at most
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1. be spilled2. be leaked
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be leaked 귀한 물건이나 정보 등이 불법적으로 외부로 나가 버리다. For a precious object or information to be illegally sent out to someone outside. 2. be spilled 한곳에 모여 있던 것이 밖으로 흘러 나가다. The state of something contained or stored in one place flowing out, or making this happen.
1. security
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보안을 강화하다 tighten (up) security
1. meanwhile, (in the) meantime
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1. view, prospect2. prospect, outlook, forecast, predict, foresee, forecast
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Adjective 1. honest
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1. intuition, hunch, gut feeling[instinct], know by intuition, have a hunch (that)
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직감에 의존하다 depend on intuition 내 직감이 맞았다[빗나갔다] My intuition[hunch] was right[wrong]. 이 계획은 실패할 것이라는 직감이 든다 I have a hunch (that) this plan will fail.

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