Belarusian: day 2
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Belarusian: day 2
Keep on learning Belarusian!

We added numbers and useful phrases
Learn basic grammar and speak easily
Impress the natives with your skills and talk about anything and everything!
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Numbers - ЛічбыNumbers - Лічбы  
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And, or, but, so - І, ці, але, тамуAnd, or, but, so - І, ці, але, таму  
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Space - ПрастораSpace - Прастора  
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Useful nouns - Патрэбныя назоўнікіUseful nouns - Патрэбныя назоўнікі  
36 Datenblatt
Useful phrases - Патрэбныя фразыUseful phrases - Патрэбныя фразы  
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Features - ХарактарыстыкіFeatures - Характарыстыкі  
30 Datenblatt
Time - ЧасTime - Час  
26 Datenblatt
A typical conversation from a student's book;) - Тыпічная размова з падручніка;)A typical conversation from a student's book;) - Тыпічная размова з па...  
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Language of Belarus

Keep on studying Belarusian with us. Belarusian lesson 2! In this course "Belarus: day 2" we will dive into some more easy words. As you are going on with our courses you will come across some hustle, but do not worry and keep on learning Belarusian with us! In this course you will find some untranslatable words: it means words with a specific cultural connotation that you will have to memorize because they are very useful to get used to another culture's way of thinking.

How to learn Belarusian

Learn how to talk about space and time. After this course you will be able to have a proper and real Belarusian conversation without being afraid of anything! You won't need any online language course to learn anything more. This second course is based on useful nouns and numbers, as well as simple new phrases to learn and make an impressionon your native friends!

Learn Belarusian

Do you want to be able to speak with native speakers? Then try our course to learn how to have a conversation in Belarusian or, at least to understand a basic conversation. With this course you are going to improve your knowledge of the language and build your own dictionary. You will never forget what you learn thanks to our Repetition System that will tell you when it's high time to revise! Remember the paced repetition is the key to learn a new language, especially when it comes to learning Belarusian because you won't have many occasions to practice it! So, do not miss a chance to challenge yourself, just let us suggest you when and how! We promise you, once you tried our courses you will never get rid of them, since you are going to learn new thing everyday! You will be so proud of your improvements that you won't be able to stop learning with us!

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