Present and past simple passive: be + past participle

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Somebody found him in the South of Spain
Lernen beginnen
He was found in the South of Spain.
Did anyone lock the door last night?
Lernen beginnen
Was the door locked last night?
They paint the house every five years
Lernen beginnen
The house is painted every five years.
They made the robot with three sensors.
Lernen beginnen
The robot was made with three sensors.
Someone found my keys in the street.
Lernen beginnen
My keys were found in the street.
Someone injured two police officers during the incident.
Lernen beginnen
Two police officers were injured during the incident.
They postponed the match because of the rain.
Lernen beginnen
The match was postponed because of the rain.
They teach students to show respect.
Lernen beginnen
Students are taught to show respect.
The major operators sell the mobile phones
Lernen beginnen
The mobile phones are sold by the major operators.
They learn something new every day
Lernen beginnen
Something new is learned every day.

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