Processes at work during translation 20.03

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1. Borrowing
Lernen beginnen
– taking the word from SL and maintaining it in the TL
(mostly technical, scientific texts – the computer terminology)
2. A calque
Lernen beginnen
- (not a good option) an expression from the ST is transferred literally into the TT – inventing an expression which does not exist.
mapa drogowa - road map, It’s not that they want it’ – To nie jest tak że
3. Literal Translation
Lernen beginnen
– translating word for word in a way that does not change the meaning.
To be or not to be: that is a question. Być albo nie być: oto jest pytanie.
4. Transposition
Lernen beginnen
changing word class without changing meaning (nouns to verbs, adj, etc.)
Bus stop = przystanek autobusowy, train ticket = bilet kolejowy, Węzeł kolana (noun) spod krótkiej tuniki = a knotted knee (adj)
5. Modulation
Lernen beginnen
rendering the TT from a different point of view to that of the ST
Miss Duncan tancerka, Jaki tam obłok – This isn’t Miss Duncan, Not the drifting cloud
6. Equivalence
Lernen beginnen
essentially cultural, Expletives, idiomatic expressions
ouch! – oj!, świerzy jak poranek – fresh as a daisy, at 9 am sharp – ppunkt 9 rano, speak of the devil – o wilku mowa, pijany jak bela – drunk as a lord
7. Adaptation
Lernen beginnen
similar to equivalence but ensuring the translation is just a relevant and meaningful as the ST
Mainly shifts in semantic categories eg. dom = house, building, home jestem w domu – I am at home To jest mój dom – This is mu house I’m in the house – in a particular building we know which one

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