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załoga, ekipa
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crew, crew
crew /kru:; US / noun [countable, with sing. or pl. verb] 1 all the people who work on a ship, aircraft, etc. ▶ załoga ⇨ note at boat 2 a group of people who work together a camera crew ▶ ekipa zespół
kurcz, zdrętwienie w plecach
Lernen beginnen
crick /krɪk; US / noun [sing.] a pain in your neck, back, etc. that makes it difficult for you to move easily ▶ kurcz zdrętwienie □ crick verb [transitive] I’ve cricked my neck. Mam bolesny kurcz w karku ▶ chwytać
krykiet, świerszcz
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cricket, cricket
2 [countable] an insect that makes a loud noise by rubbing its wings together ▶ świerszcz
1 [uncountable] ▶ krykiet In cricket the bowler bowls the ball to the batsman who tries to hit it with a bat and then score a run by running from one end of the pitch to the other.
przestępstwo, zbrodnia
Lernen beginnen
2[countable] something which is illegal and which people are punished for, for example by being sent to prison to commit a crime serious crimes such as murder and armed robbery ▶ przestępstwo zbrodnia
1[uncountable] illegal behaviour or activities There has been an increase in car crime recently. to lead a life of crime to fight crime crime prevention measures ▶ przestępstwo zbrodnia
karny, skandaliczny
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□ criminally /-nəli; US / adv. criminally insane Not a single officer has been found criminally liable. Żadnego z policjantów nie pociągnięto do odpowiedzialności karnej. ▶ kryminalnie karygodnie
1[only before a noun] connected with crime Deliberate damage to public property is a criminal offence. criminal law ▶ przestępczy karny 2 morally wrong a criminal waste of taxpayers’ money ▶ skandaliczny karygodny
przestępczyni, zbrodniarz
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criminal, criminal
criminal2 /ˈkrɪmɪnl; US / noun [countable] a person who has done sth illegal ▶ przestęp-ca/czyni zbrodnia-rz/rka
traktować kogoś jak przestępce
2 to treat sb as a criminal Many gay people felt that they were being criminalized for having relationships. ▶ traktować kogoś jak przestępcę
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□ criminalization (also criminalisation) /ˌkrɪmɪnəlaɪˈzeɪʃn; US -ləˈz- / noun [uncountable] ▶ uznanie czegoś za niezgodne z prawem
criminalize (also criminalise) /ˈkrɪmɪnəlaɪz; US / verb [transitive] 1 to make sth illegal by passing a new law The use of opium was not criminalized until fairly recently. ▶ uznawać coś za niezgodne z prawem przez wprowadzenie nowych przepisów
kryminalnie, karygodnie
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□ criminally /-nəli; US / adv. criminally insane Not a single officer has been found criminally liable. Żadnego z policjantów nie pociągnięto do odpowiedzialności karnej. ▶ kryminalnie karygodnie
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crimson /ˈkrɪmzn; US / adj. of a dark red colour ▶ karmazynowy ⇨ look at maroon, scarlet □ crimson noun [uncountable] ▶ karmazyn
kurczyć, kulić się
Lernen beginnen
2 to feel embarrassed awful family photographs which make you cringe in embarrassment (wprawiają cię w zażenowanie) ▶ odczuwać zażenowanie
cringe /krɪndʒ; US / verb [intransitive] 1 to move away from sb/sth because you are frightened The dog cringed in terror when the man raised his arm. ▶ kurczyć się kulić się
marszczyć się, fałdować
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crinkle (sth) (up) to have, or to make sth have, thin folds or lines in it He crinkled the silver paper up into a ball. ▶ miąć (się) marszczyć (się) fałdować (się) □ crinkly /ˈkrɪŋkli; US / adj. crinkly material ▶ marszczony pofałdowany
okaleczać, masakrować
Lernen beginnen
2 to damage sth badly The recession has crippled the motor industry. ▶ paraliżować (poważnie) nadwerężać
cripple1 /ˈkrɪpl; US / verb [transitive] 1 to damage sb’s body so that they are no longer able to walk or move normally ▶ okaleczać  SYNONYM  disable
cięzki, paraliżujący
Lernen beginnen
crippling /ˈkrɪplɪŋ; US / adj. that causes very great damage or has a very bad effect They had crippling debts and had to sell their house. ▶ paraliżujący ciężki
Lernen beginnen
the international crisis caused by the invasion Events reached a crisis during the summer of 1989. a friend you can rely on in times of crisis (w ciężkich czasach) ▶ kryzys przełom
crisis /ˈkraɪsɪs; US / noun [countable, uncountable] (pl. crises /-si: z; US /) a time of great danger or difficulty; the moment when things change and either improve or get worse
Lernen beginnen
firm and fresh or new a crisp salad a crisp (szeleszczący) new £ 10 note a crisp (świeżo wyprasowana i (jak gdyby) wykrochmalona) cotton dress ▶ chrupiący świeży nowy 3 (used about the weather) cold and dry a crisp winter morning ▶ świeży rześki
1 pleasantly hard and dry Store the biscuits in a tin to keep them crisp. ▶ chrupiący świeży kruchy
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crisp2 /krɪsp; US / (Brit. also poˌtato ˈcrisp; US chip; poˈtato chip) noun [countable] a packet of crisps ▶ chips czips
pieczywo chrupkie
Lernen beginnen
crispbread /ˈkrɪspbred; US / noun [countable, uncountable] a thin crisp biscuit that is usually made from rye and often eaten with cheese ▶ pieczywo chrupkie
zygzakowaty, krzyżujący się
Lernen beginnen
□ criss-cross verb [intransitive, transitive] Many footpaths criss-cross the countryside in Suffolk. ▶ (wielokrotnie) przecinać (się)
criss-cross /ˈkrɪs krɒs; US / adj. [only before a noun] with many straight lines that cross over each other a criss-cross pattern ▶ zygzakowaty krzyżujący się
Lernen beginnen
criterion /kraɪˈtɪəriən; US / noun [countable] (pl. criteria /-riə; US /) the standard that you use when you make a decision or form an opinion about sb/sth What are the criteria for deciding who gets a place on the course? ▶ kryterium
Lernen beginnen
2 a person who says what is bad or wrong with sb/sth He is a long-standing critic of the council’s transport policy. ▶ krytyk
critic /ˈkrɪtɪk; US / noun [countable] 1 a person whose job is to give their opinion about a play, film, book, work of art, etc. a film/restaurant/art critic ▶ krytyk
4[only before a noun] describing the good and bad points of a play, film, book, work of art, etc. a critical guide to this month’s new films ▶ krytyczny
Lernen beginnen
2 very important; at a time when things can suddenly become better or worse The talks between the two leaders have reached a critical stage. ▶ krytyczny decydujący 3 dangerous or serious The patient is in a critical condition. ▶ krytyczny
critical (of sb/sth) saying what is wrong with sb/sth The report was very critical of safety standards on the railways. They made some critical remarks about our house. ▶ krytyczny (np. o uwadze lub w odniesieniu do kogoś/czegoś)
krytycznie, poważnie
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□ critically /-kli; US / adv. a critically ill patient pacjent w stanie krytycznym It was a critically important (rozstrzygająca) decision. ▶ krytycznie poważnie
Lernen beginnen
2[uncountable] the act of describing the good and bad points of a play, film, book, work of art, etc. literary criticism ▶ krytyka
1[countable, uncountable] (an expression of) what you think is bad about sb/sth The council has come in for severe criticism (jest ostro krytykowany) over the plans. My main criticism (głównym zarzutem) is that it is too expensive. ▶ krytyka
Lernen beginnen
to criticize
criticize (also criticise) /ˈkrɪtɪsaɪz; US / verb [intransitive, transitive] criticize (sb/sth) (for sth) to say what is bad or wrong with sb/sth The doctor was criticized for not sending the patient to hospital. Stop criticizing! ▶ krytykować
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croak /krəʊk; US / verb [intransitive] to make a rough low sound like a frog ‘ I’ve got a really sore throat’, croaked Bill. ▶ chrypieć □ croak noun [countable] ▶ rechot chrypka
porcelana stołowa i kuchenna
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crockery /ˈkrɒkəri; US / noun [uncountable] cups, plates and dishes ▶ porcelana (stołowa i kuchenna) naczynia ⇨ look at cutlery
Lernen beginnen
⇨ look at alligator (Brit.) a line of children standing or walking in pairs ▶ grupa dzieci ustawionych w szeregu lub idących parami
crocodile /ˈkrɒkədaɪl; US / noun [countable] a large animal with a hard skin covered in scales, a long tail and a big mouth with sharp teeth. Crocodiles live in rivers and lakes in hot countries. ▶ krokodyl
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crocus /ˈkrəʊkəs; US / noun [countable] a small yellow, purple or white flower that grows in early spring ▶ krokus
Lernen beginnen
croissant /ˈkrwæsɒ͂; US krwɑ:ˈsɑ͂:; krəˈsɑ: nt / noun [countable] a type of bread roll, shaped in a curve, that is often eaten with butter for breakfast ▶ rogalik
Lernen beginnen
crooked /ˈkrʊkɪd; US / adj. 1 not straight or even That picture is crooked. crooked teeth ▶ krzywy zagięty 2(informal) not honest a crooked accountant ▶ nieuczciwy sprzedajny
Lernen beginnen
Another year of crop failure (nieurodzaju) would mean starvation for many people. ▶ zbiór plon 3[sing.] a number of people or things which have appeared at the same time the recent crop of movies about aliens ▶ masa stos stek (np. kłamstw)
[countable, usually pl.] plants that are grown on farms for food Rice and soya beans are the main crops here. ▶ zboże i inne uprawy 2 [countable] the grain, fruit, vegetables, etc. of one type that are grown on a farm at one time a crop of apples
dawać plony
Lernen beginnen
1 [transitive] to cut sth very short cropped hair ▶ strzyc na krótko obcinać bardzo krótko 2[intransitive] to produce a crop1 (2) ▶ dawać plony
krzyż, krzyżyk
3[usually sing.] a cross (between A and B) something (especially a plant or an animal) that is a mixture of two different types of thing a fruit which is a cross between a peach and an apple Our dog is a labrador cross. ▶ krzyżówka skrzyżowanie
Lernen beginnen
cross, cross
2 (the Cross) [sing.] the cross that Jesus Christ died on, used as a symbol of Christianity Christ’s death on the cross She wore a gold cross round her neck. ▶ krzyż ⇨ look at crucifix
1[countable] a mark (✗). The sign is used for showing the position of sth, for showing that sth is not correct, etc. I drew a cross on the map to show where our house is. Incorrect answers were marked with a cross. ▶ krzyżyk
przecinać się, krzyżować
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2[intransitive] (used about lines, roads, etc.) to pass across each other The two roads cross just north of the village. ▶ przecinać się rozmijać się
[intransitive, transitive] cross (over) (from sth/to sth) to cross the road You can’t cross here, there’s too much traffic. Where did you cross the border? We crossed from Dover to Calais. I waved and she crossed over. ▶ przechodzić przejeżdżać
Lernen beginnen
cross sth with sth to produce a new type of plant or animal by mixing two different types If you cross a horse with a donkey, you get a mule. ▶ krzyżować cross yourself to make the sign of a cross in front of your face and chest ▶ przeżegnać się
to put sth across or over sth else to cross your arms ▶ zakładać (np. nogę na noge) 4[transitive] to make sb angry by refusing to do what they want you to do He’s an important man. It could be dangerous to cross him. ▶ sprzeciwiać się komuś
wykreślać coś
Lernen beginnen
cross sth off sth
cross sth off (sth) to remove sth from a list, etc. by drawing a line through it Cross Dave’s name off the guest list – he can’t come. ▶ skreślać coś z czegoś wykreślać coś
przekreślać coś
Lernen beginnen
cross out something
to draw a line through sth that you have written because you have made a mistake, etc. to cross out a spelling mistake ▶ skreślać (np. z listy) przekreślać coś
poprzeczka, rama
Lernen beginnen
crossbar, frame
crossbar /ˈkrɒsbɑ:(r); US / noun [countable] 1 the piece of wood over the top of a goal in football, etc. ▶ poprzeczka 2 the metal bar that joins the front and back of a bicycle ▶ rama
Lernen beginnen
□ ˌcross-eˌxamiˈnation noun [countable, uncountable] ▶ przesłuchanie (biorąc kogoś w krzyżowy ogień pytań)
ˌcross-eˈxamine verb [transitive] to ask sb questions in a court of law, etc. in order to find out the truth about sth The witness was cross-examined for an hour. ▶ przesłuchiwać brać w krzyżowy ogień pytań
Lernen beginnen
cross eyed
ˈcross-eyed adj. having one or both your eyes looking towards your nose ▶ zezowaty
ogień krzyżowy
Lernen beginnen
The journalist was killed in crossfire (podczas strzelaniny). • (figurative) When my parents argued, I sometimes got caught in the crossfire (znajdowałam się między młotem a kowadłem). ▶ ogień krzyżowy
crossfire /ˈkrɒsfaɪə(r); US / noun [uncountable] a situation in which guns are being fired from two or more different directions
przejście, przeprawa
Lernen beginnen
crossing, crossing
2 a journey from one side of a sea or river to the other We had a rough crossing. ▶ przeprawa podróż morska 3 a place where roads or railway lines cross each other ▶ przejazd (np. kolejowy) skrzyżowanie
crossing /ˈkrɒsɪŋ; US / noun [countable] 1 a place where you can cross over sth You should cross the road at the pedestrian crossing. a border crossing ▶ przejście
siedzieć po turecku
Lernen beginnen
cross-legged /ˌkrɒs ˈleɡd; -ˈleɡɪd; US / adv., adj. sitting on the floor with your legs pulled up in front of you and with one leg or foot over the other to sit cross-legged the cross-legged figure of the Hindu god ▶ (siedzieć) po turecku
nie rozumieć się nawzajem
Lernen beginnen
be/talk at cross purposes
You mean next Saturday but I’m talking about this one. ▶ nie rozumieć się nawzajem
be/talk at cross purposes (used about more than one person) to be confused because you are talking about different things but think you are talking about the same thing I think we’ve been talking at cross purposes (nie rozumiemy się).
Lernen beginnen
cross reference
ˌcross ˈreference noun [countable] a note in a book that tells you to look in another place in the book for more information ▶ odnośnik odsyłacz
Lernen beginnen
noun [countable] (pl. crossroads) a place where two or more roads cross each other When you come to the next crossroads turn right. When Karen finished university, she realized she was at an important crossroads in her life. ▶ skrzyżowanie rozstajne
przekrój poprzeczny
Lernen beginnen
2 a number of people, etc. that come from the different parts of a group, and so can be considered to represent the whole group The families we studied were chosen to represent a cross section of society. ▶ przekrój
ˈcross section noun [countable] 1 a picture of what the inside of sth would look like if you cut through it a cross section of the human brain a diagram of a blood cell in cross section ▶ przekrój
przejście dla pieszych
Lernen beginnen
peˌdestrian ˈcrossing (US crosswalk /ˈkrɒswɔ: k; US /) noun [countable] a place for pedestrians to cross the road ▶ przejście dla pieszych ⇨ look at zebra crossing
Lernen beginnen
a crossword
crossword /ˈkrɒswɜ: d; US / (also ˈcrossword puzzle) noun [countable] a word game in which you have to write the answers to clues in square spaces, which are arranged in a pattern Every morning I try to do the crossword in the newspaper. ▶ krzyżówka
Lernen beginnen
crotch /krɒtʃ; US / (also crutch) noun [countable] the place where your legs, or the legs of a pair of trousers, join at the top ▶ krocze
przykucnąć, kucać
Lernen beginnen
verb [intransitive] crouch (down) to bend your legs and body so that you are close to the ground He crouched down behind the sofa. The cat crouched (gotował się do skoku) in front of the hole waiting for the mouse to appear. ▶ przykucać przycupnąć
Lernen beginnen
noun [countable] a large black bird that makes a loud noise ▶ wrona  IDIOMS  as the crow flies (used for describing distances) in a straight line It’s a kilometre as the crow flies but three kilometres by road. ▶ w linii powietrznej
Lernen beginnen
crowbar /ˈkrəʊbɑ:(r); US / noun [countable] a long iron bar that is used for forcing sth open ▶ łom
Lernen beginnen
There were crowds of people waiting outside the cinema. I go shopping early in the morning to avoid the crowds. ▶ tłum
1[countable, with sing. or pl. verb] a large number of people in one place The crowd was/were extremely noisy. A large crowd gathered to hear the President speak. He pushed his way through the crowd.
wypełniać, przepełniać
Lernen beginnen
crowd2 /kraʊd; US / verb [transitive] (used about a lot of people) to fill an area Groups of tourists crowded the main streets. • (figurative) Memories crowded her mind. ▶ wypełniać przepełniać
tłoczyć się wokół (kogoś)
Lernen beginnen
crowd around (someone)
crowd around/round (sb) (used about a lot of people) to stand in a large group around sb/sth Fans crowded round the singer hoping to get his autograph. ▶ tłoczyć się wokół (kogoś)
wciskać kogoś/coś pomiędzy kogoś/coś
Lernen beginnen
crowd into sth
crowd into sth; crowd in to go into a small place and make it very full Somehow we all crowded into their small living room. ▶ wciskać/wpychać się dokądś
wciskać coś dokądś
Lernen beginnen
crowd sb/sth into sth
crowd sb/sth into sth; crowd sb/sth in to put a lot of people into a small place Ten prisoners were crowded into one small cell. ▶ wciskać/wpychać kogoś/coś dokądś/w coś
zapełniać coś kimś
Lernen beginnen
crowd sth out
crowd sth out; crowd sb out (of sth) to completely fill a place so that nobody else can enter Students crowd out the cafe at lunchtimes. Smaller companies are being crowded out (są wypierane) of the market. ▶ zapełniać coś kimś
zatłoczony, przeludniony
Lernen beginnen
crowded /ˈkraʊdɪd; US / adj. full of people The town was crowded with (było pełne) Christmas shoppers. a crowded bus people living in poor and crowded conditions ▶ zatłoczony przeludniony
Lernen beginnen
2(the Crown) [sing.] the state as represented by a king an area of land belonging to the Crown ▶ Korona (monarchia) 3 [sing.] the top of your head or of a hat ▶ ciemię czubek (głowy) denko (kapelusza) 4[sing.] the top of a hill ▶ szczyt (góry)
1 [countable] a circle made of gold and jewels, that a king or queen wears on his or her head on official occasions the crown jewels klejnoty koronne ▶ korona
Lernen beginnen
2[often passive] crown sth (with sth) to have or put sth on the top of sth The mountain was crowned with snow. • (figurative) Her years of hard work were finally crowned with success. ▶ wieńczyć
1 to put a crown on the head of a new king or queen in an official ceremony Elizabeth was crowned in 1952. • (figurative) the newly crowned British champion ▶ koronować
decydujący, przłomowy
Lernen beginnen
crucial (to/for sth) extremely important Early diagnosis of the illness is crucial for successful treatment. ▶ decydujący przełomowy niezbędny □ crucially /-ʃəli; US / adv. a crucially important decision/meeting ▶ decydująco przełomowo
Lernen beginnen
crucible /ˈkru: sɪbl; US / noun [countable] a pot in which substances are heated to high temperatures, metals are melted, etc. ▶ tygiel
Lernen beginnen
crucifix /ˈkru: səfɪks; US / noun [countable] a small model of a cross with a figure of Jesus on it ▶ krucyfiks
Lernen beginnen
crucifixion /ˌkru: səˈfɪkʃn; US / noun [countable, uncountable] the act of crucifying sb the Crucifixion of Christ ▶ ukrzyżowanie
Lernen beginnen
to crucify
crucify /ˈkru: sɪfaɪ; US / verb [transitive] (crucifying; crucifies; past tense, past participle crucified) to kill sb by fastening them to a cross ▶ ukrzyżować
prymitywny, toporny
Lernen beginnen
primitive, crude
2 referring to sex or the body in a way that would offend many people He’s always telling crude jokes (słone dowcipy). ▶ grubiański obraźliwy
simple and basic, without much detail, skill, etc. The method was crude but very effective. She explained how the system worked in crude terms. The paintings seem to be crude representations (niezdarnym wizerunkiem) of animals. ▶ prymitywny toporny
prymitywnie, niedelikatnie
Lernen beginnen
crudely /; US / adv. a crudely drawn face ▶ prymitywnie niedelikatnie z grubsza
okrutny, srogi
Lernen beginnen
□ cruelly /ˈkru:əli; US / adv. The dog had been cruelly treated. ▶ okrutnie
causing physical or mental pain or suffering to sb/sth I think it’s cruel to keep animals in cages. cruel words a cruel punishment Losing his job was a cruel blow. ▶ okrutny srogi  OPPOSITE  kind
okrucieństwo, okropność
Lernen beginnen
1[uncountable] cruelty (to sb/sth) cruel behaviour cruelty to children ▶ okrucieństwo (wobec kogoś)  OPPOSITE  kindness 2[countable, usually pl.] a cruel act the cruelties of war ▶ okrucieństwo okropność
rejs, wycieczka morska
Lernen beginnen
cruise1 /kru: z; US / noun [countable] a holiday in which you travel on a ship and visit a number of different places They’re planning to go on a cruise. ▶ rejs wycieczka morska ⇨ note at journey, holiday
żeglować, krążyć
Lernen beginnen
verb [intransitive] 1 to travel by boat, visiting a number of places, as a holiday to cruise around the Caribbean ▶ żeglować 2 to stay at the same speed in a car, plane, etc. cruising at 80 kilometres an hour ▶ jechać z jednakową prędkością krążyć
Lernen beginnen
cruiser /ˈkru: zə(r); US / noun [countable] 1 a large fast ship used in a war ▶ krążownik 2 a motorboat which has room for people to sleep in it ▶ łódź motorowa z kabiną
okruch, kruszyna
Lernen beginnen
crumb, lump
crumb /krʌm; US / noun [countable] a very small piece of bread, cake or biscuit It’s hard to eat a sandwich without dropping crumbs on the floor. ▶ okruch okruszyna
kruszyć się, rozpadać
Lernen beginnen
□ crumbly /ˈkrʌmbli; US / adj. This cheese has a crumbly texture (rozsypuje się). ▶ kruchy rozpadający się
crumble /ˈkrʌmbl; US / verb [intransitive, transitive] crumble (sth) (up) to break or make sth break into very small pieces We crumbled up the bread and threw it to the birds. Support for the government is beginning to crumble. ▶ kruszyć (się)
lichy, tandetny
Lernen beginnen
crummy /ˈkrʌmi; US / adj. (crummier; crummiest) bad or unpleasant ▶ lichy tandetny
miąć, gnieść
Lernen beginnen
My clothes are all crumpled – have you got an iron? ▶ miąć (się) wyginać (się) gnieść (się)
crumple /ˈkrʌmpl [intransitive, transitive] crumple (sth) (into sth); crumple (sth) (up) to be pressed or to press sth into an untidy shape The front of the car crumpled when it hit the wall. She crumpled the letter into a ball and threw it away.
chrzęst, skrzypienie, chrupanie
Lernen beginnen
crunch1 /krʌntʃ; US / noun [sing.] an act or noise of crunching There was a loud crunch as he sat on the box of eggs. ▶ chrzęst skrzypienie
chrupać, skrzypać
Lernen beginnen
2[intransitive] to make a loud noise like the sound of sth being crushed We crunched through the snow. The small stones made a crunching noise under our feet. ▶ chrzęścić skrzypieć □ crunchy /; US / adj. a crunchy apple ▶ chrupiący
[transitive] crunch sth (up) to make a loud noise when you are eating sth hard to crunch an apple ▶ chrupać
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2 (Crusade) one of the wars fought in Palestine by European Christians against Muslims in the Middle Ages ▶ wojna krzyżowa krucjata □ crusader /; US / noun [countable] ▶ krzyżowiec
crusade /kru:ˈseɪd; US / noun [countable] 1 a fight for sth that you believe to be good or against sth that you believe to be bad Mr Khan is leading a crusade against drugs in his neighbourhood. ▶ krucjata  SYNONYM  campaign
Lernen beginnen
2crush sth (up) to break sth into very small pieces or a powder Crush the garlic and fry in oil. ▶ rozgniatać 3 to defeat sb/sth completely The army was quickly sent in to crush the rebellion. ▶ tłumić dławić
1 to press sb/sth hard so that he/she/it is broken, damaged or injured Most of the eggs got crushed when she sat on them. He was crushed to death by a lorry. ▶ gnieść miażdżyć
tłok, ścisk
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2[countable] (informal) a crush (on sb) a strong feeling of love for sb that only usually lasts for a short time Maria had a huge crush (podkochiwała się w) on her teacher. ▶ zakochanie (się)
crush2 /krʌʃ; US / noun 1 [sing.] a large group of people in a small space There was such a crush that I couldn’t get near the bar. ▶ tłok ścisk
miażdzący, druzgocący
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crushing /ˈkrʌʃɪŋ; US / adj. [only before a noun] that defeats sb/sth completely; very bad a crushing defeat a crushing blow to the country’s economy ▶ druzgocący miażdżący
skura np. chleba
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crust /krʌst; US / noun [countable, uncountable] 1 the hard part on the outside of a piece of bread, a pie, etc. ▶ skórka 2 a hard layer on the outside of sth the earth’s crust ▶ skorupa
kula ortopedyczna
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crutch /krʌtʃ; US / noun [countable] 1 a type of stick that you put under your arm to help you walk when you have hurt your leg or foot She was on crutches for two months after she broke her ankle. ▶ kula ⇨ look at walking stick
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to cry
2[intransitive, transitive] cry (out) to shout or make a loud noise We could hear someone crying for help. ‘ Look,’ he cried, ‘ There they are.’ to cry out in pain (z bólu) ▶ krzyczeć
to make a noise and produce tears in your eyes, for example because you are unhappy or have hurt yourself The baby never stops crying. The child was crying for her mother. They were crying with cold and hunger (z zimna i głodu). ▶ płakać
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2[sing.] an act of crying1 (1) After a good cry (jak się wypłakałam) I felt much better. ▶ płacz
1[countable] a shout or loud high noise the cries of the children in the playground the cry of a seagull We heard Adam give a cry of pain as the dog bit him. • (figurative) Her suicide attempt was really a cry for help (wołaniem o pomoc). ▶ krzyk
pilny, naglący
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adj. [only before a noun] (used to talk about a bad situation) very great There’s a crying need for more doctors. It’s a crying shame (wielka szkoda) that so many young people can’t find jobs. ▶ krzyczący pilny naglący
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crypt /krɪpt; US / noun [countable] a room that is under a church, where people were sometimes buried in the past ▶ krypta
tajemniczy, tajny, zagadkowy
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□ cryptically /-kli; US / adv. ‘ You could be in for a surprise’, said the doctor cryptically. ▶ tajemniczo zagadkowo
cryptic /ˈkrɪptɪk; US / adj. having a hidden meaning that is not easy to understand a cryptic message/remark/smile ▶ tajemniczy zagadkowy tajny
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2 [uncountable] a clear mineral that can be used in making jewellery ▶ kryształ 3[uncountable] glass of very high quality a crystal vase ▶ kryształ kryształowy
crystal /ˈkrɪstl; US / noun 1 [countable] a regular shape that some mineral substances form when they become solid salt crystals ▶ kryształ
kryształowa kula
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crystal ball
ˌcrystal ˈball noun [countable] a glass ball in which some people say you can see what will happen in the future ▶ kryształowa kula
krystalicznie czysty
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crystal clear
ˌcrystal ˈclear adj. 1 (used about water, glass, etc.) that you can see through perfectly ▶ krystalicznie czysty 2 very easy to understand The meaning is crystal clear. ▶ jasny jak słońce
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2 (technical) to form or to make sth form intocrystals The salt crystallizes as the water evaporates. ▶ krystalizować się
crystallize verb [intransitive, transitive] 1 (used about thoughts, plans, etc.) to become or to make clear and fixed Our ideas began to crystallize into a definite plan. The final chapter crystallizes all the main issues. ▶ (przen.) krystalizować się
młode zwierząt
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2(the Cubs) [pl.] the part of the Boy Scout organization that is for younger boys ▶ organizacja skautowska dla młodszych chłopców (podobna do zuchów) 3(Cub) (also Cub ˈScout) [countable] a member of the Cubs ▶ zuch skaut
1 [countable] a young animal, for example a bear, lion, etc. ▶ młode lisa/niedźwiedzia/lwa/tygrysa/wilka ⇨ note at fox
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1 a solid shape that has six equal square sides ▶ sześcian 2 the number that you get if you multiply a number by itself twice The cube of 5 is 125 ( =  5 x 5 x 5). The cube root (pierwiastek trzeciego stopnia) of 64 is 4. ▶ trzecia potęga
podnosić do sześcianu
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cube2 /kju: b; US / verb [transitive, usually passive] to multiply a number by itself twice Four cubed is 64 ( = 4 x 4 x 4). ▶ podnosić do trzeciej potęgi podnosić do sześcianu
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If a box is 4cm long, 4cm wide and 4cm high, its volume is 64 cubic centimetres. The lake holds more than a million cubic metres of water. ▶ sześcienny
cubic /ˈkju: bɪk; US / adj. [only before a noun] (abbr.cu.) (used to show that a measurement is the volume of sth, that is the height multiplied by the length and the width)
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cuckoo /ˈkʊku:; US / noun [countable] (pl. cuckoos) a bird which makes a sound like its name and which leaves its eggs in another bird’s nest ▶ kukułka
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a cucumber
cucumber /ˈkju: kʌmbə(r); US / noun [countable, uncountable] a long, thin vegetable with a dark green skin that does not need to be cooked ▶ ogórek
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2 a long, thin wooden stick used to hit the ball in the games of snooker, billiards or pool ▶ kij (np. bilardowy)
1 a word or movement that is the signal for sb else to say or do sth, especially in a play When Julia puts the tray on the table, that’s your cue to come on stage. ▶ sygnał
mankiet, trzepnięcie
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1 the end part of a sleeve, which often fastens at the wrist ▶ mankiet 2(cuffs) [pl.] = handcuffs 3 a light hit with the open hand ▶ szturchaniec trzepnięcie
spinka do mankietów
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cufflink /ˈkʌflɪŋk; US / noun [countable, usually pl.] one of a pair of small objects used instead of a button to fasten a shirt sleeve together at the wrist ▶ spinka do mankietów
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handcuffs /ˈhændkʌfs; US / (also cuffs) noun [pl.] a pair of metal rings that are joined together by a chain and put around the wrists of prisoners ▶ kajdanki
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cuisine /kwɪˈzi: n; US / noun [uncountable] the style of cooking of a particular country, restaurant, etc. Italian cuisine ▶ kuchnia
odstrzał selektywny
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cull1 /kʌl; US / verb [transitive] to kill a number of animals in a group to prevent the group from becoming too large ▶ odstrzeliwać (selektywnie)
cull2 /kʌl; US / noun [countable] the act of killing some animals in order to stop a group becoming too large a deer cull ▶ odstrzał/ubój selektywny
punkt kulminacyjny
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□ culmination /ˌkʌlmɪˈneɪʃn; US / noun [sing.] The joint space mission was the culmination of years of research. ▶ punkt kulminacyjny
culminate /ˈkʌlmɪneɪt; US / verb [intransitive] (formal) culminate in sth to reach a final result The team’s efforts culminated in victory (doprowadziły do zwycięstwa) in the national championships. ▶ osiągnąć szczyt w czymś kończyć się czymś
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a culprit
culprit /ˈkʌlprɪt; US / noun [countable] a person who has done sth wrong More classroom windows have been broken and the head is determined to find the culprits. ▶ winowaj-ca/czyni
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1 a person or thing that has become popular with a particular group of people cult movies ▶ przedmiot kultu bożyszcze 2 a type of religion or religious group, especially one that is considered unusual ▶ kult
uprawiać, kultywować
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3 to try hard to develop a friendship with sb He cultivated links with colleagues abroad. ▶ pielęgnować 4 to try to form a friendship with sb who could be useful to you ▶ zaskarbiać sobie (czyjeś względy)
kʌltɪveɪt verb [transitive] 1 to prepare and use land for growing plants for food or to sell to cultivate the soil ▶ uprawiać 2 to grow plants for food or to sell Olives have been cultivated for centuries in Mediterranean countries. ▶ uprawiać
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□ cultivation /ˌkʌltɪˈveɪʃn; US / noun [uncountable] ▶ uprawa pielęgnowanie zaskarbianie sobie względów
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cultivated /ˈkʌltɪveɪtɪd; US / adj. 1 well educated, with good manners ▶ kulturalny 2 (used about land) used for growing plants for food or to sell ▶ uprawny 3 (used about plants) grown on a farm, not wild ▶ uprawny
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2 connected with art, music, literature, etc. The city has a rich cultural life, with many theatres, concert halls and art galleries. ▶ kulturalny
cultural /ˈkʌltʃərəl; US / adj. 1 connected with the customs, ideas, beliefs, etc. of a society or country cultural differences The country’s cultural diversity is a result of taking in immigrants from all over the world. ▶ kulturowy
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2[uncountable] art, literature, music, etc. London has always been a centre of culture. a man/woman of culture światł-y/a mężczyzna/kobieta ▶ kultura 3[uncountable] the growing of plants or the keeping of certain types of animals ▶ uprawa hodowla
1[countable, uncountable] the customs, ideas, beliefs, etc. of a particular society, country, etc. the language and culture of the Aztecs people from many different cultures ▶ kultura
szok kulturowy
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culture shock
ˈculture shock noun [uncountable] a feeling of confusion, etc. that you may have when you go to live in or visit a country that is very different from your own ▶ szok kulturowy
nieporęczny, niewygodny
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cumbersome, uncomfortable
cumbersome /ˈkʌmbəsəm; US / adj. 1 heavy and difficult to carry, use, wear, etc. ▶ nieporęczny niewygodny 2 (used about a system, etc.) slow and complicated cumbersome legal procedures ▶ uciążliwy
kmin rzymski
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cumin /ˈkɒmɪn; US / noun [uncountable] the dried seeds of the cumin plant, used in cooking as a spice ▶ kmin(ek) ⇨ look at caraway
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cumulative /ˈkju: mjələtɪv; US -leɪt- / adj. increasing steadily in amount, degree, etc. a cumulative effect ▶ kumulacyjny narastający
filiżanka, kielich
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cup, cup
2 an object shaped like a cup an egg cup kieliszek do jajek 3 (in sport) a large metal cup given as a prize; the competition for such a cup Our team won the cup in the basketball tournament. the World Cup ▶ puchar
used for drinking liquids a cup and saucer a teacup a cup of coffee ▶ filiżanka kielich
składać w kształt miseczki
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to cup your chin in your hands opierać brodę na dłoniach ▶ składać w kształt miseczki ujmować (w dłoń)
cup2 /kʌp; US / verb [transitive] (cupping; cupped) to form sth, especially your hands, into the shape of a cup; to hold sth with your hands shaped like a cup I cupped my hands to take a drink from the stream.
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cupboard /ˈkʌbəd; US / noun [countable] a piece of furniture, usually with shelves inside and a door or doors at the front, used for storing food, clothes, etc. a kitchen cupboard built-in cupboards ▶ szafa

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