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a large number of something:
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a host of
There's a whole host of reasons why he didn't get the job
the quality of being expensive and luxurious:
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He says living in such opulence makes him uneasy.
a person, thing, or group similar in character or quality to the one mentioned:
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the like of
the like of sb/sth; sb's/sth's like
Boxing hasn't seen the likes of Muhammad Ali since he retired.
and similar things:
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and the like
There's a big sports hall for tennis and badminton and such like.
the process of starting to include more different types or things:
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Diversification of your investments lowers risk
to invent a new word or expression, or to use one in a particular way for the first time:
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Allen Ginsberg coined the term "flower power".
to (cause to) come together in order to provide support or make a shared effort:
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opponents /against
Supporters of the new shopping development are trying to rally local people in favour of it
Something in industry or business that is ... is being produced or is available for use:
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on stream
The company's increased sales were primarily a result of new stores coming on stream
to get something, especially after an effort:
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She's managed somehow to procure his phone number.
to supply something, esp. regularly or continuously:
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We had to keep feeding quarters into the parking meter.
to put information into a computer, phone, or other machine using a keyboard or touchscreen:
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key in
I gave my name and she keyed it into her computer

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