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montrer Englisch:

1. evince evince

fail to evince the understandings that science teaching is supposed to produce
This judgment evinces cynicism, about American culture

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2. show show

Show your cards.
How did you come by an admission ticket for the auto show free of charge?
I went to every modern art show that took place in Tokyo last year.
The television show was interrupted by a special news report.
She perused a magazine while waiting for her date to show up.
He puts on a show of being impartial and unbiased, but I think he's just a guy with no opinion of his own.
She had never seen New York before, so I offered to show her around.
In the U.S., you usually have to show identification in order to buy alcohol.
Sometimes it's OK to show crazy emotion.
The show presented modern art from Europe.
I tried to get him to show what his true nature was, but I couldn't.
I know you're happy about it. Why don't you just show it?
If students today had more free time, they might show more interest in politics.
He'll never show it, but I think that deep down, he's seriously worried.
Come and see the great show of Streetlife Dance Group

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