1.3 I'D LIKE TO ENQUIRE: polite enquires

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I'd like to
I'm calling/phoning to
Lernen beginnen
ask about; find out about; enquire about; talk someone about.
I was wondering/I wonder
I'de be grateful/I'd appreciate it
Lernen beginnen
if you could see if there's a place available.
Can/could you tell me; Do you mind me asking
Lernen beginnen
when the manager will be back?
Would there be any chance of
Would you mind
Lernen beginnen
giving me a refund?
Lernen beginnen
A: Yourpick. net. My name's Dave. How can I help you?
Lernen beginnen
B: Hi, I'm phoning to find out about a DVD I ordered. The reference number is 3714.
Lernen beginnen
A: Ok. Is there a problem?
Lernen beginnen
B: Yes, it hasn't arrived yet and I ordered it a month ago. Could you tell me when I can expect it?
Lernen beginnen
A: Bear with me a moment. I'm afraid we have no information about the arrival date.
Lernen beginnen
B: And you don't know when it will be in?
Lernen beginnen
A: It's coming from the USA so I'm not afraid. Do you want to cancel?
Lernen beginnen
B: No, but I'd be grateful if you could look into it.
Lernen beginnen
A: No problem at all.
Lernen beginnen
B: And would there be any chance of phoning me when it arrives?
Lernen beginnen
A: Sure... let me just check if we have your phone number...

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