Cooperative principle: Conversational Implicature

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Conversational implicature
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A meaning or message that is implicated in a conversation
implicated = ukryte, indirect way of expressing oneself
A: Are you going to John's party? B: I have heard Mary is going.
Cooperative principle
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describes how people achieve effective conversational communication in common social situations
presupposition that people want to cooperate when they exchange meanings
flouting a maxim
flouting - lekceważenie
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convey a different meaning than what is literally said, to produce a negative pragmatic effect,
sarcasm or irony
maxim of quantity
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economic message, giving maximum information with minimum effort, Violating the maxim: not being brief
Make your contribution as informative as is required (for the current purposes of the exchange).
A: What is your age? B: Oh, what a nice question, my age is: 2+5+4+6+3+9.
maxim of quality
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telling the truth, flouting this maxim means laying but the speaker might be aware of it = sarcasm
'my phone never stops ringing', 'she's got ne nerves of steel'
maxim of manner and relation
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be relevant, act accordingly, give information in a clear way
A: How old are you B: I like cheesecake
generalized implicature
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is a conversational implicature that is possible without reference to a special context
a/ an - jakieś, jakiekolwiek
John walked into a house yesterday and saw a tortoise. - This expression implies that the house is not John’s house
particularized implicature
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possible only in a specific context
A: What on earth has happened to the roast beef? B: The dog is looking very happy.

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