Persuasion in pragmatics 08.11.2019

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Communication that has it purpose the changing, modification or shaping of the responses (attitude or behaviour) of the receivers
Persuasion vs informing
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Persuasion involves trying to change somone's thoughts, feelings and/or behaviour. Persuasion involves arguing for a particular point of view.
Ethnics and persuasion
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knowledge is ethnically neutrual. Knowledge of persuasion can be used as a defense
What is Propaganda
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a means to convice people: To buy a certain product, to belive something or act in a certain way, to agree with some point of view.
persuative techinques often used in pragamatics
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bandwagon, glitterin generalities/card stacking, testimonals, name calling, plain folk/prestige/ snoberry, appeal to emotions
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A statment suggesting that everyone is using a specific products, so you should too!
join the 'in-crowd'
Glittering generalities/ card stacking
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Glittering generalities & card stacking are similiar. They tell only part of the truth. The words 'glitters' or sound good, but give no details about the product.
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testimonals are use celebrities or authority figures to sell products or services.
Name calling
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name calling creates a negative attitude towards a product or service. It uses hints, implications, and slanted language to make you feel ill towards something or somone.
This technique is often used in political campaigns. Name-calling can be implied through an unflattering image. (Barack Obama, Fidel Castro)
Plain folks
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Plain folks uses a person who may be just like you to sell product or service:(nothing compares to family etc, wspaniala rodzinka)
The persuative device is often favoured by politicians.
Prestige/ Snoberry
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This message suggests the opposite of bandwagon: 'buying our product will make you better than everyone else" especially since other people can't afford it.
Appeal to emotions
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This strategy connects with deep- seated emotions: loayalty, family, pity, fear, love, peace, justice, and/or love of country

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