Formal vs Informal language

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When writing an academic essay, use formal language and avoid:
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-Contractions (isn’t, don’t, won’t, they’re, can’t shouldn’t), -Colloquial English or slang (gonna, wanna, ain’t), -Avoid abbreviation words (yrs, hrs)
Figurative language
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refers to words or phrases that add extra meaning or emotion to what we say or write, uses words in other ways than their literal sense, can be used to suggest a picture (image), create a sensory reaction, or some other effects like rhythm
How do similes and metaphors add meaning or emotion to a story
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A creative way to express emotion, Change the mood (lighten or darken), Reveal the attitude of the character, Create an instant word picture
¬how does alliteration add to a story
alliteration - ​the use of the same letter or sound at the beginning of words that are close together, as in sing a song of sixpence
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Creates rhythm, Creates / effects mood, Emphasizes words / phrases
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refers to the language and technical terms used by people of the same profession or group.
B&e – breaking and entering DUI – Driving Under the Influence
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is a language spoken by the people of a particular, time or social group.
some sentences comparing a English person and american which said the same sentence in other words
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is informal words used in casual conversation
Yes <-> yep That was unusual - that was random

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