Touristic spots in Chișinău

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Parcul Dendradiu
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A big park perfect for walks, sport and relax.
Mileștii Mici
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Registered in the Guinness World Records as the biggest wine collection in the world.
Catedrala Nașterea Domnului
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A beautiful building with a fine altar, magnificent chandelier and many icons inside.
Parcul Ștefan cel Mare
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The second greates park located in the center of the city. The walkway is lined with monuments to Moldovan poets and writers.
Muzeul Național de Etnografie și Istorie Naturală
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Unique pieces of ancient history and science of the 19th century.
Parcul Valea Morilor
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One of the biggest and most known parks in the city, with an alley of 2,5 kilometres.
Arcul de Triumf
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Located in the center of the city, along with the park, the church and the government building represents one of the most beautiful views of the city.
Monumentul lui Ștefan cel Mare
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The known Moldovan statue in the country in honour of the great prince of Moldavia.
Muzeul Național de Arheologie și Istorie a Moldovei
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Has interesting exhibitions on the 20th century history, the two World Wars and the Soviet Republic.
Grădina Botanică
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A very good place for long relaxing walks while observing the vast flora range presented.
Muzeul Național de Artă al Moldovei
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Includes 160 selected works of Bassarabian and Romanian artists.
Complexul Memorial Eternitate
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A very interesting memorial of the Second World War with fascinating Soviet sculptures and a beautiful garden.
Mănăstirea Sfântului Mucenic Teodor Tiron
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A charming and beutifully radiant place with golden domes and turrets.
Biserica Schimbarea la față a Mântuitorului
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A beautiful Cathedral where you can stop and enjoy the peaceful interior.
Muzeul Pușkin
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The second house of the well-known Russian poet that holds some of his personal objects.

Travelling to Chișinău

The former boyar patrimony, now a cultural and historical center of Moldova has much to offer. The capital and the largest city in the country is considered a city with a green heart, thanks to the many parks and forests it has. Its Soviet architecture is unique and has a rare value. In this flashcard lesson, will present you some of the best places to see in Chișinău!

What are the monuments to see while visiting Chișinău

The monuments present in the city were built during the Soviet period. The most known monument of the city is that of Stephen the Great, located at the entrance of the park with the same name, which is the heart of the capital. Also, the Eternity Memorial Complex - a victory memorial with an eternal flame dedicated to the soviet soldiers who died in the battles of the Second World War is another thing to see in Chișinău.

Other places worth visiting

The city is full of churches and cathedrals, the main one is the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, called "Nașterea Domnului" in Romanian, which is composed of a Russian - styled body and a separate belfry in a tower. One of the most beautiful places in nature is the Valea Morilor, a nice and peaceful park by the lake, which is not so far from the centre.

What about wine?

A curious fact about Moldova is that it obtained the title of the "country with open doors in the paradise of wine". It is said so because Moldova is home to the well-known and appreciated winery of Mileștii Mici, where the largest wine collection in the world is stored. The winery is only 19 km away from Chișinău. There are many other things to do in Chișinău, like visiting the Great National Assembly Square, the Presidential Palace, the Moldavian Government building, the Opera Theatre and many more. To learn about them, proceed to our lesson :)

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