English vocabulary in use advanced Unit 79

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Lernen beginnen
To tell someone that you will certainly do something
Lernen beginnen
To risk money on the result of an event or a competition
Promise someone the earth/moon
Lernen beginnen
To promise a great deal. Usually unrealistic.
The afternoon promises to be interesting.
Lernen beginnen
The speaker expects it will be interesting
Lernen beginnen
It can be used to indicate positiv future development.
She shows a great promise as an English teacher She is promising artist.
An oath
Lernen beginnen
a formal promise or a taboo language
In court, witnesses are put on/under oath.
be under/on oath
Lernen beginnen
to have formally promised to tell the truth
to swear
Lernen beginnen
a formal promise, or bad language - (taboo expression)
I couldn't swear to it.
Lernen beginnen
I am not totally sure.
To pledge/ a pledge
Lernen beginnen
to promise something, often friendship or money.
On the last day of NKJO we all pledged eternal friendship.
To vow (a vow)
Lernen beginnen
To make a determined decision or promise to do something.
New Year's resolutions
Lernen beginnen
Special promises to change one's behaviour for the better at the beginning of a new year.
To turn over a new leaf
Lernen beginnen
To begin again, fresh; to reform and begin again.
Resolutions and vows like promises or pledges can be...
Lernen beginnen
Can be made, kept or broken.
A bet (to bet)
Lernen beginnen
A bet is to risk money on the unknown result of something in the hope of winning more money.
Lernen beginnen
A share or a financial involvement in something such as a bet or business
Lernen beginnen
A more formal word for bet.
She put a wager of 10 Euro on a horse.
your best bet
Lernen beginnen
your best decision or choice
A flutter
Lernen beginnen
A small bet especially on a horse race.
I would put money/my life on it.
Lernen beginnen
To be sure that it will happen.
Lernen beginnen
Lernen beginnen

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