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to allow yourself to behave much more freely than usual and enjoy yourself
Lernen beginnen
let your hair down
Oh let your hair down for once!
(of places and things) expensive and of high quality
Lernen beginnen
He takes her to some really posh restaurants
looking dirty or in bad condition and likely to be involved in dishonest or illegal activities
Lernen beginnen
a seedy hotel
a long piece of writing on a particular subject, especially one that is done in order to receive a degree at college or university
Lernen beginnen
able to be made, done, or achieved
Lernen beginnen
With the extra resources, the project now seems feasible
a restaurant, hotel, bar, or place for entertainment or social activities that is unpleasant because of the condition of the building or the type of people that go there
Lernen beginnen
The place is a real dive, but the drinks are cheap and the food's great
to imagine something / to invent a plan or an idea
Lernen beginnen
He conceived the plot for this film while he was still a student
a detailed plan or route of a journey
Lernen beginnen
The tour operator will arrange transport and plan your itinerary
at the beginning, or as the first of several things
Lernen beginnen
to start with
We only knew two people in Montreal to start with, but we soon made friends
main objective of the project
Lernen beginnen
the main goal of the project
to summarize
Lernen beginnen
to sum up
quiet, private, and not near people, roads, or buildings
Lernen beginnen
a secluded house in the forest

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