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Демократска партија социјалиста Црне Горе
The party was formed on 22 June 1991 as the successor of the League of Communists of Montenegro, which had governed Montenegro within the Yugoslav federation since World War II.
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Democratic Party of Socialists (of Montenegro)
Since its formation and the introduction of a multi-party system, the DPS has played a dominant role in Montenegrin politics, forming the backbone of every coalition government until 2020, when it entered the opposition.
radical communist movement in Cambodia
Its rule was marked by some of the worst excesses of any Marxist government in the 20th century, during which an estimated 1.5 million (maybe up to 2 million) Cambodians died and many of the country’s professional and technical class were exterminated.
It was purportedly set up in 1967 as the armed wing of the Communist Party of Kampuchea.
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Khmer(s) Rouge(s)
In December 1978 a large Vietnamese army moved into Cambodia, brushing aside the Democratic Kampuchean forces.
Finally, in April 1975, Khmer Rouge forces mounted a victorious attack on the capital city of Phnom Penh and established a national government to rule Cambodia.
In December 2017, SPD hosted a conference of the Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom in Prague, with parties such as the French National Front, Dutch Party for Freedom, Freedom Party of Austria and Lega Nord of Italy.
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Freedom and Direct Democracy (Svoboda a přímá demokracie)
Freedom and Direct Democracy (Czech: Svoboda a přímá demokracie, SPD) is a right-wing populist political party in the Czech Republic.
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Identity and Democracy
It was announced that the group would be named "Identity and Democracy" (the successor to the Europe of Nations and Freedom) and include Italy's Lega per Salvini Premier (LSP), the French National Rally (RN) and Alternative for Germany as member parties.
The PF included the Soviet Union-backed ZAPU, which was led by Joshua Nkomo and operated mainly from Zambia, and the Chinese-backed ZANU led by Robert Mugabe.
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Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front
The party was lead by Robert Mugabe, first as Prime Minister with the Zimbabwe African National Union and as President from 1987 after the merger with the Zimbabwe African People's Union and retaining the name ZANU–PF, until 2017, when he was ousted.

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